Why Behind The Rhyme?

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I was having a conversation with a great friend of mine Sammy K aka Proper Fiction and it lead to what you are reading now.

He told me that I should try to do VLOG’s about Hip-Hop. Not just what I like and don’t like but real debatable and cutting edge topics. He said my knowledge and perspective is something that people would want to hear.

It sounded brilliant to me as he broke it down through text and it boggled my mind why I didn’t think of it sooner. Nonetheless I really want to publicly thank my homey for this brain child that I hope to turn into a national phenomenon. It’s going to take some time and its going to take more grind…but I’m ready. I’m ready to show the world a whole different type of perspective and conversation in Hip-Hop! Hopefully whats done here will educate, entertain and really make a statement on the audience, which is all I really ever want to do.

I will be giving you editorial pieces and statements in which you can agree, disagree and elaborate. I want you to send passionate video responses, leave comments even email us with show ideas. Hip-Hop is from the streets and by the people. As the people of its culture we must do things for it to continue to survive.

I look forward to doing this and I look forward to your support….Thank you all

2 thoughts on “Why Behind The Rhyme?

  1. Great work boss. Hip hop has been imploding from within for far too long. Thanks for empowering the people to come away the social commentary and socio political messages of hip hop without resorting to violence as well as holding a mirror up to what exactly is hip hop saying these days.


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