It’s More To Rap Than Pac and B.I.G

Well…we finally kicking this off and only appropriate that we kick it off with the 2 most talked about rappers of the last 15-20 years.

I will give BIG and Pac the respect of being two of the greatest rappers of the 90’s but I think all time is a bit too much credit now. However I also dont believe in ALL Time list for Hip-Hop.

I stand by every comment made in this video – @itsthecaptain

Wanted to do this one live but we are not sure exactly how big the audience is for the content yet. We are also thinking of doing a “Live Response Show” via podcast, Skype or ustream but, it all stems from YOUR support of this type of hip-hop content.

See y’all next week for “Who Hates Eminem?”

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