Does It Take Talent To Make It In The Industry?

We all complain about music. We complain about who is saying what and why is it being supported. Is it because of the ultimate hookup? Do people actually have talent? One thing is certain is that it’s debatable. Please feel free to sound off in detail in the comments below.

See the recorded video on ustream.

Video streaming by Ustream

We all say we want talent but, who actually owns more than 3 Talib Kweli Albums…besides me?

People love to use this kid as the epitome of “He can’t rap” yet he’s made a lot of money moving units and selling out shows BEFORE he inked an official deal…Somebody’s supporting this MORE than the song above.

So what is the real talent? What you do vocally? How you present your package? Maybe time will never tell. Thanks for watching!

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