Radio vs The Artist 3: Payola

Wrapping up the 3 part series with the aspects of “Payola/Plugola”. Most important thing is to know what it is.

PayolaThe act of receiving money or monetary exchange of any kind in exchange for radio spins and or mentions.

When you are willing to start giving up money to get exposure in the form of radio play not only are you hustling backwards and breaking your pockets, you are also breaking the law. In the realms of corporate radio NO person or personality will EVER be bigger than the company they work for. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you name is still going to be good at the station or in the company/industry if you are caught and exposed for payola.

So when dealing with payola, it’s important to know a few things
The amount of money spent will take away from your music hustle and could potentially stall your buzz
The amount paid for spins will not compensate any other realm of your campaign.

You risk the aspect of jail time and being black balled in your market and possibly the industry as a whole

Once you get pegged as an offender….YOU’RE DONE!

Even E-40 aint trying to leave the game and go back to the streets


See you next week for the Season Finale of Behind The Rhyme!

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