How Is Hip-Hop Aging?

Its a new day in hip-hop. The genre itself is approaching 50 plus years and some of the best artist are approaching their 40’s!

How is hip-hop again? I think very well and as it should. Hopefully rap will hold special dedication shows for when it turns 50, 75 and 100!

Is there a cut off age for mainstream rappers today? I say…NO. Hip-Hop is a GLOBAL GENRE now. Its in movies, TV, commercial we even have a rapping weatherman. Corporations are finding a way to market hip-hop to any and everyone that can see it. There for they can package any being that can rhyme a few words together in an effort to profit and influence pop culture.

Here is a very interesting article from Complex magazine’s site. The 30 Best Rappers in their 30’S.

Think about the rappers your listening to..Then Google them, find out there age…then really ask yourself Does it really matter?

Bonus: Check out this video of Havoc of Mobb Deep in an interview 2 years ago

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