CamQuotes Drill Joints [Chiraq Music] I Like…


Let me be the first to say that a I AM FROM FREEPORT ILLINOIS! Behind The Rhyme is an Illinois Brand and a platform for Hip-Hop Representation. I lived in the Chicago land area for about 12 years so now at this stage in my life even when I stake claim to my hometown from a career standpoint “I’m from Chicago” which is cool with me that is my 2nd home and I love it there.

With all that on the table I want to talk about the new Chicago [Chiraq] music movement known as “Drill” [shout to @JRBang on the education]. Now from a distance it may seem that I “Don’t Like” [Pun Intended] or I am “Hating” on the movement and that is far from true. I am merely a die hard rap fan that wants to hear great rap lyrics and for the most part, we are not getting that EVERY TIME.

I’m all for these young cats staying off the streets and picking up pens instead of pistols and I want them to get the right people around them so some of the NEGROCIDE reports and updates stop with their whole team. Let me be one to ALSO congratulate Chief Keef and Lil Reese for there Deals with both Interscope and Def Jam and I will say that I will seriously be checking in on their careers cause this is the move right now for Chi-City. NO DISRESPECT to anyone NOT doing Drill but right now…This is the ticket and its what the majority wants to hear.

Without further adue, here are the joints I like that represent the movement known as Drill.

Salute to these young cats. Although they may be green they are obviously doing something right. Let’s just hope this can end up being an extreme positive in Chicago.

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