@ImCamQuotes Favorite Verses of 2012

I honestly listen to so many rap songs that I know I would do myself no justice trying to put these in order. So I wont even want to try. However I will tell you some of the verses that stuck in my head throughout the year after 1 listen!

MEEK MILL – DREAMCHASERS 2 INTRO – I dont think I have ever changed my mind on a person just off an intro verse…but it happened with Meek Mill. I can’t tell you how many days I played ONLY THE INTRO on the way to work. Clear standout for the year

Also his 2nd verse on Young And Getting It is dope!

T.I – MAGIC REMIX VERSE. I honestly feel that T.I is going to be in EVERYONE’S top 10 ever. This verse is so effortless but SO NICE TO ME! I knew after this I was buying T.I album cause he hadn’t lost a step and its also the ONLY Future song that I have listened to all the way through on purpose

BIGSEAN/PUSHA T -MERCY VERSE – The Clipse are one of my favorite rap groups EVER and their catalog speaks for itself. I wont lie..With “No Malice” out and Push trying the solo/G.O.O.D Music thing I was unsure of what to expect. I’m glad to say I underestimated and it resulted in one of my favorite verses of the year!

NICKI MINAJ – LUV DEM STRIPPERS VERSE. Maybe I don’t give Nicki enough credit because at the end of the day she doesn’t do songs for me and the demo I represent but I can’t front…I had this song on repeat because I thought she had an incredible flow on it.

JUICY J – BANDZ FIRST VERSE. Im a 3-6 FANATIC! Thank my cousins Corey and Courtney [Mafi] for that. However even if your not a fan this is still probably one of the truest and most quoted verses of THE YEAR! Honest over Bars at the end of the day.

DRAKE – NO LIE VERSE/HYFR. A lot of people dont want to like Drake but the kid can rhyme. EVEN THOUGH I stand by Marvin’s Room Being the ULTIMATE SUCKA NIGGA ANTHEM…Drizzy MURKED this verse and his verse to kick off HYFR. Got to respect him

BIG SEAN – MULA VERSE – WOW! THIS NINJA WENT IN! Just when I thought I he wouldn’t go harder than Mercy he drops on Meek Mixtape THEN HE DROPS Detroit and I had to call myself a hater and J-Down with his Movement. In short Big Sean takes over 2013 cause Kanye allows it.

It’s So many other people to check for in 2012 who definitely had some NICE VERSES this year off top

Sir Michael Rocks
Andre 3000

TOO MANY…That’s why I do favorites! haha!

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