50 Cent Drops “Get Rich or Die Trying” 10 Years Ago Today!

50 Cent Get Rich Albumimages

It’s 2013 and today [FEB 6TH] is the 10 year anniversary of one the best rap albums in hip-hop history! YES I SAID HIP-HOP HISTORY! Get Rich or Die Trying was the first MAJOR release from Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson not to be confused with his first release or first album ever [See 50 Cent is the Future and Power of A Dollar]

Selling a solid 8 million plus records in just the U.S alone 50 Cent and G-Unit took over the rap industry with one of the most prominent and influential movements seen in Hip-Hop Since the Roc-a-fella/State Property started in the late 90’S

Many would say this album and 50 Cents career got started because “His dissed Ja Rule and took his style” but lets dissect that logic.

Get Rich or Die Trying Songs About Ja Rule
Backdown [not an official single]
Wanksta [originally on 8 mile soundtrack and a bonus track on get rich]
Your Life’s on The Line [Another Bonus Track that was released on a mixtape]

Get Rich songs used to push the album
In The Club
21 Questions
Many Men

Other VERY POPULAR Get Rich Songs that have NOTHING to do with Ja Rule
What Up Gangsta
High All The Time
If I Can’t

Bottom line..You can’t sell 8 Million records from Diss Tracks. Period!


Although he is constantly disrespected and some feel that he’s lost it, fell off and can’t do a song or get hype or exposure without dissing someone or creating negative energy. You can’t deny his mark on the game and how he literally changed hip-hop.

50 Cent is the first rapper to actually get signed from a true mixtape hustle. Meaning he was the first guy to jack beats, make equal or better SONGS and hand them out and the INDUSTRY took notice and THEN inked himself a deal….FIRST

So if you on datpiff, livemixtapes, or your hand to handing your new joint on the 2 Chainz beat…PAY HOMMAGE!

50 is also one of the first one to put his entire crew on and until further notice is the ONLY RAPPER/CEO to get all of his core artist to Gold or Platinum status. YES! Banks, Buck, Game and Yayo ALL have plaques on their wall! Who else can say that? Please say Jay-Z so we can talk about Bleek Amil Sauce Money and State Property.PAY HOMMAGE!

Also. The people who talk about his knack for dissing and only being popular because of that are more than likely the same people who jumped off that Sinking Murder Inc ship not realizing that the Last Temptation was platinum plus and that Blood in My Eye went Gold..all while 50 Cent was dissing…SALUTE to the real Ja Rule fans that stuck it out.

I do believe in the code of Ethics in this thing with call Hip-Hop. People shouldn’t feel comfortable throwing rocks at the thrones of the men and women who have inspired, changed and elevated this culture. 50 Cent is that dude! PERIOD! His Name is CEMENTED in Hip-Hop’s Great Wall!


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