It’s Time For “Old School” or “True School” Radio


The above image is what a vast majority of hip-hop fans feel is happening right now in one of America’s oldest forms of entertainment.

I chose the image to raise questions, start conversation and to spark change. The following views are not meant to discredit or disrespect today’s hip-hop artist or fan. Behind The Rhyme is in full support of any man, woman, or child giving an effort of pushing the hip-hop culture forward regardless if we are a fan of the artist or the sound.

Hip-Hop Music itself is solidly over 30 years old and I think its time for a UAC for Hip-Hop Music. UAC is Urban Adult Contemporary for those of you that may not be familiar with radio Lingo.

This should be done to cater to the demo that may not be the BIGGEST spender for the genre but are DEFINITELY the biggest FAN!

A UAC Rap station would Ideally cater to the 24-54 demo since a lot of urban hip-hop stations cater 18-32. With hip-hops early days it would appear that the station would cater to males but in all honestly now there is a strong female demo in this equation.

An Old School/True School station ideally would have core artist like
LL Cool J
Big Daddy Kane
Queen Latifah
Heavy D
Notorious B.I.G
Snoop Dogg
Lil Kim
Missy Elliot

All artist who have commercial success and artist who have a very strong female fan base

This station would include the artist that build the foundation and the artist that created what is now the Golden Era. So you still do get your hardcore hip-hop fans, your top notch lyricist and some of the greatest movements in the genre who may have not gotten there due on mainstream radio in their prime.

Tours and Festivals like Rock The Bells and Lollapalooza cater to this audience heavy. Lets not forget Jay-Z, Nas, Common, E-40, Too Short, and countless others are STILL DOING LIVE SHOWS. Some overseas and still getting dates in the states. Jay-Z is still the biggest draw in hip-hop and he is one of your core artist.

This station is needed to show a lot of new fans what they are truly listening to. Once again NO DISRESPECT TO THE NEW RAP FAN…But your authority on “what is hip-hop” is a little jaded to you if “OLD SCHOOL” is Deemed as “Get Rich or Die Trying” or if the first rap album you bought was Wu-Tang Clan “8 Diagrams”.

YES, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious 5, YES Sugarhill Gang, YES Blondie, YES Juice Crew, BDP, and whether you like it or not YES MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice..because these were all pivotal movements in Hip-Hop Culture and Rap Music.

Someone has to take a step forward in showing the new rap fan that it was more to B.I.G than Hypnotized and Big Poppa….I want to Hear Unbelievable and F**king You Tonight in a rotation

We Need to remember Pun, Big L, Jay Dilla, Freaky Tah and Heavy D beyond their death days

I think this could be great and truly appease every hip-hop fan that is a fan because they grew up on the music and not because its what’s popular now.

I dont have any money to buy a tower or a radio station…but if I did…I would do this in a heart beat..and put myself on air during the PM Drive!

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