Misconceptions About MTV’s Hottest MC’s List


I feel the need to do this because it seems that even after all these years the masses don’t seem to get it. Every year MTV drops a hottest MC’s in the game list where they look over the industry and pick a select few to represent the “Who’s Who” in the world of hip-hop. Fans and artist alike go APE ISH over the list make their plea and there songs but to no avail cause once the list is up….its MTV Gospel until the next year. This year’s list was…

  1. Kendrick Lamar
  2. 2 Chainz
  3. Rick Ross
  4. Nas
  5. Drake
  6. Big Sean
  7. Kanye West
  8. A$AP Rocky
  9. Future
  10. Meek Mill

This list has brought great controversy as expected. Danny Brown Dissed the list in Song, A$AP and Kanye were displeased with their number and Pusha T is just wondering how he isn’t even on the list!

In some respects there are a lot of valid arguments but lets say what this really is. NO DISRESPECT TO MTV but this is raps ultimate popularity contest. To a degree it has some opinion but for what is being represented it has to make sense.

Rick Ross has to be top 3 because his team is the strongest right now

2 Chainz Has to be top 3 because he has the most features and songs ont he radio

Kendrick Lamar HAS TO BE 1 because he had a great cross over single and sold the most albums.

Remember..this list is about who the HOTTEST IS…NOT who’s the NICEST. As we’ve said on this platform before there is a MAJOR DIFFERENCE in the two. However the one thing that does remain consistent is that a very well versed rapper with commercial success does end up in the top spot…which should appease all.

The MTV list doesn’t really care about your flow, hip-hop quotables, diss track or how solid of an album you have. They care more about your movement, how many DJ’s spin you on radio, what is the reaction to your music in the clubs, what trends are you setting or bottom line…Who Knows You? Really, the aspect of actual rapping is probably the last thing they look at when determining who’s hot.

I was surprised the put Nas on the list let alone at 4. Honestly..I expected his spot to be taken by a Wiz, Wayne Tyga or Waka Flocka just because all 3 have more popularity right now. I still say Nas dropped the absolute best album of 2012 and its nice to know that he lead with Daughters and still got recognition.

After Dreamchasers 2 and Self Made 2…Really thought Meek would have been Top 4-5.

FACT: If this was truly about rapping ability there is no way on God’s beautiful Blue and Green earth that Future would even come CLOSE to being on it. Future ALONE lets you know off top this list is not about lyrical ability.

FINAL THOUGHT: I think this list is a call to all DJ’s artist and fans to step it up as a whole. I’ve said time and time again there are TOO MANY GREEN RIBBONS BEING PASSED OUT in rap music and the displeasure of the masses proves it. However until you put a great product in demand the status quo will remain and you will continue to be upset. So don’t get mad, just understand and do your part to change.

I still say that whenever Big Sean drops his album…The rest of the year is his…I dont care when he drops. I say he will have the best album based off how GREAT The Detroit Mixtape was.

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