“He’s The DJ, I’m The Rapper” Album Turns 25!

On March 29th 1988 DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince released an album called “He’s the DJ I’m The Rapper” I can’t tell you what the album meant to the year or Hip-Hop at that time but, I can tell you that I appreciate it and why.

“DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince” are probably the most underrated duo in Hip-Hop. Granted what they did in TV and what Will is doing with movies has eclipsed his music but still no one really talks about Jeffery and Will enough when it comes to hip-hop music at least not at first mention. It’s unfortunate and why I felt this post was needed. Especially since this is the first Grammy winning Rap Duo EVER!

Although I have never owned this album, I can tell you who put me on to “He’s The DJ, I’m The Rapper”. My friend and neighbor from across the street Tony Colts. He was a few years older than me but I remember sitting on his porch while he would rock to this album! I promise he had to know every single word of it. Although I never asked him, I’m pretty sure this was the album and the group that inspired him to start rapping and what better choice? You got two young ambitious and creative kids putting their mind together and creating a great hip-hop sound that is both organic and fun.

25 years later and this album is remembered. Is it classic? I’m on the fence. This album was spearheaded with Brand New Funk and Parents Just Don’t Understand which I feel is one the best songs EVER in Rap HISTORY! I really want to hear from the people who were teens and early twenty year olds that truly lived this era. I was still in grade school and Tony was maybe 3 years older than me so I honestly don’t think our opinion at that age counts.

What I will say though…Will Smith and or The Fresh Prince has always been better than average at the actual task of rapping. He is honestly one of my idols and someone I can’t wait to meet and interview during my career. I salute to him and DJ Jazzy Jeff…Hands down one of the greatest DJ’s to ever do it in ANY ERA! Check Jeff’s resume PLEASE!



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