Rap Rape and Its Biggest Offenders

Before we get started its important to know that this is not a post of justification. This is the dead even serious conversation that hopefully explains all sides of this topic as a whole. If you read this and you don’t take the food…Your mind and hip-hop sense are both starving for real logic and understanding.

Now…Let’s Proceed…

Rick Ross120292308 Rap’s Biggest BAWSE Rick Ross [or William Roberts] came under fire for the following lyrics on a song he was featured on from Rocko’s new mixtape that also featured Future.

Ross says within the first 6 bars “Put Molly all in her Champagne..she don’t even know it I took her home and enjoyed that..she don’t even know it”

Self explanatory right? Ross is spiking Champagnge with Molly and taking chicks home and busting them down..and they don’t even know it. Yeah, that definitely sounds like Date Rape to me. It also sounded like Date Rape to the rest of the listening masses.

A fire storm of controversy spread through out mainstream media and social media outlets. Ross now adds “Rapist” to his list of characters and or personas.

Now of course Ross did give a statement saying that “The streets don’t condone that” and “I want my Queens to know that Rape was never used in the verse” and literally chalked this verse up to a “misunderstanding”

Now…the two things to know off bat is that this is not an apology and just because you exercise your vocabulary doesn’t mean you are not guilty of saying what you say. I’m an advocate of say what you mean and furthermore, Ross can make a statement like that in a genre of music that gives you prestige and high praise of the the top notch use of simile’s, metaphors, euphemism’s and double entendre’s.

This situation has even caused a small market radio station to pull Ross AND Wayne Records [Wayne cause of the Emmit Till Line]. Petition’s are going out and of course the good people of the Twitter verse are sounding off.

Now..Do I think Rick Ross should apologize…No. Why? Because no one else has and to be honest this won’t be the first or the last derogatory or controversial lyrics that will spark hip-hop. Yes someone should take a stand…but if he changed the verse and apologized does that REALLY make it better? Am I supposed to believe that just cause he won’t say it in the booth anymore that he won’t do it in real life? This was a song a written, produced and released song. Even if it never gets another spin and its deleted off of EVERY HARD DRIVE IN AMERICA it doesn’t mean that it never happened. So for real…Skip an apology..it doesn’t change the facts or the real issue that some people have. So why apologize? 

Let’s take a quick look as some of the biggest “rape rap bars” in hip-hop so far..Yep! So far…

“If I get AIDS then I’mma start RAPING BI**HES!” – Big L [Rest In Peace]

“Don’t you know my n*gga Gutta f**king Kidnap kids…F**k em in they a$$ through them over the bridge” – Notorious B.I.G [Rest In Peace]

“And if you got a daughter older than 15, I’m a rape her. Take her! on the living room floor right there in front of you!  then ask you seriously, what you wanna do?  Frustrating isn’t it, want to kill me but Imma kill you! now watch f**k just a little while longer please? will you? THIS IS REVENGE! ….” – DMX

“Yo! Look at her bush, does it got hair? F**k this B**ch right here on the spot bare until she passes out and she forgot how she got there” – Eminem

We could go further into Horrorcore Rap and more songs but you get the point…No one ever apologized for these lyrics. We’ve seen news reports of these things happening. However no one was “held accountable for their lyrics” like Ross is now. Is this right? NO! They are giving you scenarios of rape of both women and children! That’s sick! However, I own every album and even after I heard the lyrics didn’t return or destroy it. So to call a spade a spade I like millions of others supported this content.

Now the very first argument some will make is “Well these others are story telling scenarios, thats just art and entertainment. You are dissecting just a piece of a whole verse. Ross is telling you something that he would probably do or has done.”

My simple answer is why does that cushion the blow? Why am I forced to NOW dissect who really mean what they say and who don’t in an effort to take it seriously and be apart of boycotts and bans? All music is MEANT as entertainment right? So why is this instance any different?

Also remember that when the Marshall Mathers LP dropped it was originally banned. It was cleaned up and sold 10 million including 1 million first week. The controversy helped the artist and the Interscope engine and to be honest hip-hop both got W’s for this moment.

Another argument that I honestly even thought of in the shower was…Why is Rick Ross talking like that in what some would deem the PRIME of his career? What I can say about the other lyrics I mentioned is that it took place on their first or second album. These are seemingly the albums that made them well know, popular or solidified they will have longevity. Where as Ross is here, 7 years and about 7 or more albums in [if you count Self Made projects] and NOW he wants to talk suggestively about date rape? Something ain’t right!

Does it matter what album or time in the career a rapper talks like this? NO! Real rape victims live with that horror forever! Some even commit suicide. It’s never going to be cool, right, acceptable or understandable, period! Once again..are we as a hip-hop culture caring NOW though?

Is it the age of information that has caused this stir? Possibly. Biggie and Big L never lived to see YouTube, Myspace or Twitter. DMX and Eminem Dropped in 1998 when people still actually bought albums first over singles, so you can destroy or boycott all you want…Soundscan counted you when you got your receipt. They win and you lose if you are offended. Now you can throw a song up on a dozen different blogs and mediums and 100 people can tell you exactly what they think of you and your carrer within 15 minutes.

So now what? Is this just entertainment? Am I supposed to believe everything a rapper says? HELL NO! Dealing with hip-hop is the ultimate double edge sword. This is the only genre of music that wants you to believe “its just entertainment” while at the same time wanting to confirm with you that you should “Keep It Real” because we “About That Life” and a lot of impressionable young people and just simple minded fans are truly lost! As mentioned earlier, we are forced to decipher “The realness” and at any given moment we are supposed to believe “aww he just rapping”.. especially when your favorite rapper catch a drug case or a murder charge..THEN, NOTHING THEY EVER SAID WAS TRUE and you can purchase your  “Free Them” t-shirt and wear it with pride in your community….See the dilemma?

From start Ross’s “realness” has been in question. He’ lied about being a C.O the masses forgave him. He got low class women pregnant, that was over looked. He Big Meech, Larry Hoover, Got the GD on his mixtape cover. The MASSES didn’t care. Now, he talking about date rape…but how long will the hate last? I ask these questions to all fans, stans and supporters because it needs to be answered. I have yet to buy an MMG project…Period. I didn’t even buy Wale or Meek’s Album so I need a consumer point of view.

HYPOTHETICAL: What if this verse was the reason Ross got shot at? We don’t know when he wrote it and who heard it before it dropped. How real is that?

I want input on this. Speak your mind. I’m laying out info here in hopes that someone will engage and give me their honest view. Also let me know…Are you really going to boycott MMG Music? Are you doing it SPECIFICALLY because of this verse on that Ross put on the Rocko song?

It’s funny how one verse can f**k up the game – Jay-Z


2 thoughts on “Rap Rape and Its Biggest Offenders

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head as far as the context of how the line was delivered. The Wild stuff Em used to say & that Biggie Line were all meant to shock. Where Ross delivers that line nonchalantly in the 1st person like it’s just something he does. Where as Big’s line is delivered in 3rd person as a warning to his enemies. Don’t you know my nigga Gutta fuckin kidnap kids, fuck em in they ass throw em over a bridge. Those differences make the lyrics easier to listen to.


    1. I do agree that does play a BIG part in how it’s perceived. I struggle with it because where does it start and end in terms of reality…Cause even with Biggies lines…Would you want to really even know or hang with a guy who rape and murder a child? It just raises more questions


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