Is This Hip-Hop’s New Golden Era?


It finally seems as if the Hate for a lot of the “New Rappers” has finally turned to love. Over the past few weeks I have been hearing this question. “Is This the new Golden Era of Hip-Hop?” Of course some say yes and some say no. For those who don’t truly know or understand, the “Golden Era” of Hip-Hop is The 90’s or if you are being ultra technical 1994-1999 although you can’t deny that something or someone did something of great impact every year. The Golden Era literally set the tone for variety and national appeal.

We went from The Golden Era To Hip-Hop is Dead to These new rappers suck to anybody can be a rapper now cause of the internet to Is this the next Golden Era? I see the similarities and think its quite possible here’s why.

We are at that moment where a lot of guys and girls from a lot of place can flat out rap! It also seems as if music is getting very creative and we are getting tangible, quality people that are putting out great music. So who would be the spearheads to this “New Golden Era”?


Nicki Minaj

Wiz Khalifa

A$AP Rocky

Kendrick Lamar

J. Cole


Big Sean

Meek Mill


Mac Miller

These are just the emcees that have made there mark and are deemed the next torch carriers but there are a list of other talented emcees that have yet to arrive nationally. Since we can’t make 100% accurate predictions lets just say this could be leading into one of the top 5 best years in hip-hop ever!

Right now June is set to see Releases from Kanye, J. Cole, Wale and Action Bronson…Then we are still waiting on Big Sean, New Drake and Schoolboy Q…Add that to a possible Eminem Album and this year could be PHENOMENAL!

Now the only strike against the New Era is that a lot of the Old Era produced a lot of Instant Classics that were undeniable. The Golden Era also lost quite a few rappers who never seen the light of 2001 and the questions is “What is Hip-Hop going to do now?”

I will admit there were a TON of great actual rappers in the 90’s. I will also admit that there were a lot of emcees that weren’t the greatest lyrically but put out great material. So lets not split hairs and lets DEFINITELY not forget to purchase the music we appreciate. Let’s get back to moments like below when all eras did there thing and showed unity!



I’m pulling for the new young guns. We cant go back in time..but we can appreciate what we have in front of us. The future is indeed looking bright!

Remember June 1998 Issue of The Source? The Rap’s New Generation photo shoot? I need that hanging up in my office! Source Holla at Me!

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