This Yeezus Album Hard! …Y’ALL TRIPPIN!

Westbrook Trippin Yeezus

Ok, So I watched the tweets, the slander, the social media disappointment status updates and KNEW I had to buy Yeezus for myself and listen to it on my own time…and My Lord I am SO GLAD I DID!

THIS YEEZUS ALBUM IS HARD!!!! I don’t know what y’all talking about on this one. I coined this as the “I don’t want to be famous, I just want to be in love album” and to a degree I was dead on!

Kanye West OFFICIALLY DOES NOT GIVE A F**K! He doesn’t care what you want, how you feel and how you react to how he thinks or feels…yet…He still went so hard Lyrically on this album.

Now..I was tripping on how the only feature on the album is GOD…but I can’t act like the song wasn’t bumping. What he saying on this album is somewhat crazy but it’s definitely his real life…Y’all want the realness right? You just got 10 tracks of “Rich Nigga Problems” and Self Absorbed,  Arrogant,  Abrasive BARS! ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?!?!?!

Arrogant Kanye is my favorite side of Kanye…I LOVE when Ye’ get on the BULL and just start saying stuff. I get it..Y’all wanted soul samples, smooth drum patterns and basic use of 808, Perhaps a GREAT Jay Collab or a G.O.O.D Music Posse cut to set your summer off right…and you didn’t get it. You got synth, sirens, darkness and harsh lyrics. You got Kanye on an Island Rapping to whatever was in his head…That’s right up my alley though. I feel Kanye on this.

In the words of Russell Westbrook...Y’ALL NIGGAS TRIPPIN! This album is DOPE! I don’t think it’s a classic, I wouldn’t even say it’s genius…but it’s solid, it’s tight and one of the best albums you will buy this year…and if you don’t buy albums then you DEFINITELY DON’T COUNT!

Kanye has NEVER given us the “Exact Same Album” If you honestly like Kanye for WHO HE IS…BUY THIS ALBUM..You Will Enjoy it….I say 4/5 and thats off 1 full listen.

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