My Rant About June 18th 2013 Albums and “Hip-Hop Fans”

June 18thAlbums

The hip-hop world was literally set on fire as hip-hop music was embarking on its biggest day of the year and definitely one of its biggest day in HISTORY as Kanye West, J. Cole, Mac Miller and Statik Selektah all dropped albums on the same day. As you can see I purchased all four so I don’t need to get into that.

Salute to Mac Miller for putting together a really good album. The flow, production, his rhyming ability the features all very solid from start to finish.

I have to admit I haven’t listened to Extended Play by Statik yet…Im still plowing through 3 other albums. I’ll tell you what though, knowing Statik’s body of work and who he recruited for this album…I couldn’t NOT purchase it before it became hard to find.

NOW, Lets get to the real story…Yeezus vs. Born Sinner. Let’s do the numbers argument first since all of you are in agreement that “numbers don’t lie”…cause Jay-Z told you

J. Cole’s Born Sinner

2 promo EP’s “Truly Yours 1 and 2

Single to push the album Power Trip with Miguel

National Radio Play

End Result: 203,907 copies units sold first week reported and was projected about 300K

Not bad at all for a Sophomore album that is very solid. Definitely worth the purchase

Kanye West’s Yeezus

New Slaves plays on 66 Buildings in 6 different countries 1 time

No True Single, No Radio Play, No COVER for the album

End Result: 221,535 copies units sold first week reported which is down from his projection of about 500K

My ultimate gripe is the following

All you so called Kanye Fans have the nerve to disrespect his body of work and not even listen to Yeezus let alone buy it. You let mainstream opinion sway you about an artist who supposedly has been blowing your mind since College Dropout, never gives you the exact same album, pushes the paramaters of music…yet you don’t support it properly. You didn’t like, support or even listen to Yeezus…You are not a Kanye West fan to me..period. It literally sounds like the last 10 years of Kanye West Music. This album is phenomenal! It won’t be regarded as a classic because it won’t change music  because the common “rap fan” is afraid of it.

Born Sinner is honestly a very good album. It sits firmly in the lane of good traditional hip-hop. Nothing is exceptional about it. We knew J. Cole could really rhyme 4 years ago…What did we learn and where did he take us this time? He produced and wrote the whole album so this is literally all him. That’s by no means a diss to the album but this isn’t a classic either because it literally won’t change anything in hip-hop for any reason and there is no real music impact on this album.

Some of you “J.Cole Fans” didn’t buy Nas “Life Is Good” and You are NOT going to buy Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail…you are the most jaded and uneducated fan in rap right now. Cole’s whole album is a salute to the Golden Era and the biggest stars of it. There should be a boost in sales of Life Is won’t be thought  so I’ll drop it. I salute Cole for paying hommage and doing his thing…some of your fans though…Make me sick!

For everyone who swears that Cole’s album is better than Ye’s, tell me what song from A Tribe Called Quest has the same sample as one of Cole’s song?

Same question for the Outkast song that shares the same sample as what Cole used this album

If you dont know…I feel that you are not a real fan of just like WHO you like and that’s cool…but don’t front like you are knowledgable on the subject.

THAT is why I say he is doing nothing new and although the album is very doesn’t touch Yeezus

Some of you “hate radio” “want something new and fresh” claim “I’m into all kinds of music” but have said Yeezus is whack…F Y’all…Y’all dont even know the meaning of the words you’re using.

All this hate, backlash and musical prejudice and Yeezus may STILL be the Number 1 Album in the Country this week…but it’s whack right? 

Shout to everybody thats going to love Yeezus by Halloween and the rest that will put it in there Top 5 Kanye albums by 2015…

I could go on more…but why. I’ll leave it at this Yeezus and Wolf are the 2 best albums of 2013 for Hip-Hop right now….Once  Jay-Z, Pusha and Big Sean Drop Cole may end up with the 6th best rap album of the year…Its sounds crazy to some now…let’s talk around Christmas though.

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