Wiz Khalifa’s Under The Influence in Indianapolis!

Wiz Khalifa Troy Schieman Photography
Wiz Khalifa Troy Schieman Photography

Indianapolis possibly got the best show they are going to see for 2013! There is a great crop of new artist/performers and they are definitely making a statement. The statement is they are here for longevity, to prosper and to entertain! Wiz Khalifa and A$AP Rocky spearhead the Under The Influence [of Music] tour and if you have not seen it…GO SEE IT! If you missed the concert..then you have truly missed out on a great music experience.

Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era may not be radio heavy and have a single but these kids are not a game! Pro Era is New Age Golden Era Nostalgia at its best! It may take some time for people to grasp it but for all you artist out there in the trenches…Joey has no major single, video or label backing him and he performed for close to 18,000 people last night!

Trinidad James has one of the most compelling stardom stories of the past 10 years. You may not be a fan of his music or may think he will last long but, I can safely say that he is enjoying himself and it appears that as the weeks and months go by he is taking himself and his career seriously if no one else is. I was told that he was “Performance of The Night”…That’s a few leaps and bounds from what I saw him do New Year’s Eve on 106 & Park.

B.O.B is a superstar. Probably the most versatile artist going right now. How many people have a range of songs that includes, Airplanes, Nothing on You, Beast Mode and We Still in This Bitch? Sacrificing none of himself B.O.B does it all and he has some of the BADDEST DANCERS I HAVE SEEN IN MY LIFE! I wish we could have got more photos…but all the more reason to go to the show! B.O.B is the new Cake Boss in my eyes!

A$AP Rocky and A$AP Mob. I’ll be honest wasn’t sure how Rocky got billing over B.O.B but I will say this kid is a true performer. I’ve seen him twice now and he’s definitely gotten better. If you are on the fence about A$AP, see him live. Even if you are not a fan you will at least respect his stage presence and effort.

Wiz Khalifa. I truly understand what Snoop means now. It’s hard not to like this guy. Wiz is living the dream, his show is dynamite and he really is becoming someone above the genre that is hip-hop and fast! His movement is real and he is definitely becoming one of the ultimate leading brands of the new generation. He really is on some new age Jimi Hendrix type stuff but you honestly just can’t be mad at him.

Highlight of the night outside of the actual performances was Wiz taking time out to figure out if it was love or hate from a fan that gave him the finger and an obscene gesture during his song. Taylor Gang is not a game. I am actually in anticipation to see what is exactly next from this camp.

Tremendous shout to Troy Schieman Photography for once again blessing Behind The Rhyme with some of their great photos from the show!

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