Prediction: Big Sean’s “Hall of Fame” Will Be Album of The Year!


Since “Cruel Summer” and “Detroit” the Mixtape have dropped, Big Sean should honestly be in every Hip-Hop fans ACTIVE Top 10. As a person and hip-hop fan who LOATHED Big Sean when he entered the game, I am in utter shocked at how he has changed my mind on his career in less that a year! In a time where rappers don’t want to rap and it seems that being lyrically impressive is becoming taboo, Big Sean has proved that he is top notch and in some respects head and shoulders above most of his peers.

Like I said 4th Quarter Last Year. ONCE BIG SEAN DROPS, THE GAME WILL SHUT DOWN! I believe Hall of Fame will be the BEST Rap Album of 2013. No I am not a prisoner of the moment. Reason for my prediction is this

All his verses on Cruel Summer
His GOOD Music Freestyles/Verses on Hot 97 with Cyhi, Common and Pusha T
The Entire Detroit Mixtape
He is Kanye’s…KANYE! [Shout to my boy Woody for that Break Down]

Listen. Good Music is the Strongest Lyrical Camp in Hip-Hop right now [More Fact than Opinion right there] Kanye is going to make sure Big Sean wins…but…Sean is literally out rapping rappers consistently! You’re only Ace [or L] is “Control” with Kendrick Lamar…THAT’S IT! When is the last time you heard a weak Big Sean verse? I can guarantee you it hasn’t been AFTER Finally Famous the album.

Right now…His only comp for best rap album in MY estimation…Is Magna Carta, Wolf, The Gifted, Yeezus and Whatever Drake Drops if he for sure does drop. Pusha T’s album has gotten Pushed back seeming twice this year…I think Big Sean is the reason and they’re label mates!

I’M AWAKE NOW...Therefore NO ONE ELSE should be sleep. Once again, one of the best rappers out now doing it…is from Detroit.

Tell me this Kid is NOT EATING!

“No I have not heard the album. My prediction is solely based on what the world has seen thus far. Remember Hall of Fame was slated for December last year and nothing has leaked. I say again Big Sean will have album of the year”

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