America’s Most Wanted Tour Hits Indianapolis!


I’ll be honest…I wasn’t too excited about this tour. To keep my slander to a minimum I am not a Lil Wayne fan. Never have been, can’t say I ever will be. I was a big booster of 2 Chainz music but after meeting him a couple times in person and seeing how he treated some listeners/fans…I feel some type of way about dude.

The positive I will let out is T.I. IS THE F’N MAN! I haven’t seen T.I live in concerts since 2006-2007 and I must say I was very impressed and enlightened. I believe he covered every album but I’m Serious and No Mercy and to the masses those projects are somewhat foreign to them. T.I’s catalog is legit! There are not many rappers that can rap MONSTER SONGS from 5 ALBUMS and control a crowd for a solid hour! The Trouble Man has officially nothing to prove in my eyes. He’s done it all and been authentic from start to finish. With the rumors that he is going independent for the remainder of his career and with him trying to stay out of trouble and raise his family…He has reached the level of only having to appease his core fans and that is more than enough! Salute to the King of The South!

Even in an obstacle Troy Schieman Photography comes through! Special thanks to him for these top notch photos!

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