“Let The Rapper’s Rap” Invitational

Behindtherhyme.com is not a music blog. However we love to create moments in the spirit and good nature of hip-hop. No clue when we will do this again but, we would love for you all that view to take advantage.

The song Control has created the biggest stir of the year. Kendrick’s verse has shocked the world as his claims to be The King of NY, The King of The Coast [West Coast] and how even his friends are not safe when he gets on the mic! I love it!

What I don’t love is some of the responses. I don’t want to hear Kendrick Disses and to be honest the bars that some of these vets are using are extremely lack luster and not worth a second listen. So I have a solution…I want to give a chance to let the rappers…rap.

I want you to write to the Control beat..Bring your bars out and we will post them on behindtherhyme.com The criteria is simple.

NO DISS TRACKS – Don’t Diss Kendrick and Definitely don’t diss someone we never heard of. You will be deleted ASAP

Soundcloud and YouTube Links are accepted

If you seriously do not want to rap over control…Cool just bring the BARS

NO SONG SUBMISSIONS – Those are almost on Auto Delete

Don’t send me your Press Kit, EPK, Datpiff mixtape, your bio or anything that is beyond you simply rapping to this beat. WE ARE NOT A MUSIC BLOG. PERIOD

You have until August 31st to submit. Anything later…will be deleted. Send your submission to behindtherhymes@gmail.com Subject the email “Let The Rappers Rap” or you will be deleted

There you have it. Simple criteria and more than enough time.

Let’s do this one time for truth, justice and the hip-hop way! Hip-Hop just turned 40! Let’s celebrate all month!

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