Why Can’t You Be Gay In Hip-Hop?


Over the last week in the world of hip-hop I’ve been in the need to look for answers, hear logic and see exactly what the deal is. It all started when the audio of Mister Cee having another sexual encounter with a Transgender Prostitute. A few odd things happened in the aftermath.

1. Mister Cee felt compelled to resign from Hot 97 because of the release of the audio

2. He gets on air the next day and publicly admits lying about the previous incidents happening

3. He said he “Doesn’t know” if he is a gay man, says that ladies know he loves women and breaks down crying seemingly NOT because of the situation and how it was released but more as to him not being able to be “Mister Cee” anymore.

What’s crazy is…the real story here should be, why is this married man, quitting his job because of undeniable evidence that he is indeed sexually active with Transgender Prostitutes [Men]. That’s the reality.

I didn’t like the fact that he gets on the morning show and Ebro and Flex are laughing, joking and seemingly taking it light..It made me feel that to a degree this whole cry for help and support was anything but genuine. It also didn’t prove anything or break any barriers. This isn’t a Jason Collins, Darren Young story. Mister Cee is saying he doesn’t know if he’s gay. He blamed a portion of his actions on being West Indian, which I am still TOTALLY CONFUSED Over.

I don’t think the gay community is proud of Mister Cee or his actions. He’s no hero to them and he didn’t make the situation better…If he was doing a positive, he would come clean about the lies, THEN admit that he is Gay or Bi-Sexual. THEN Admit that his wife is or is not ok with it and THEN proceed to be one of the Top DJ’s in New York on one of Hip-Hop’s most respected radio brands…but he didn’t. Instead he cried for being caught. He cried because of his image and who he’s supposed to be. He cried and made excuses and made it seem as if he doesn’t even know who he is.

Now check out this interview with Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian

Now let’s prepare to break this down…I can’t stress enough that there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between Hip-Hop Culture and The Music Industry. How every any walking, breathing being on this earth would be a FOOL to not realize that there are homosexuals in both the culture and the industry.

How can there be Gay actors, athletes and singers and musicians in other genres but there be ABSOLUTELY NO GAY Rappers, DJ’s etc? That makes no sense.

No matter how much of an Ambassador Lord Jamar feels he is the bottomline is he doesn’t write the rules of hip-hop or life and he isn’t God.  His mentality has probably in some ways diminished his own legacy in the music business. Prejudice is a form of hate and even if he “has no problem with gays” and “been to a gay wedding” saying something to the affect of  “Gays can’t be in hip-hop” is just like saying ” Blacks can’t go to college”

So, the question is  the title …”Why Can’t You Be Gay In Hip-Hop?”

Is the the “old school mentality” of hip-hop originally being from the streets and it not being acceptable?

Is it because this is the one genre that truly cares how many women you have slept with and how tough you portray to be?

Is this the reason why there is so much misogyny in the music and culture? Are women being portrayed the way they are by some artist and directors to disclose and even bigger and realer truth?

There are some rappers who make it clear about it being about nothing more than “me and my niggas”. Some artist stay in jail, “don’t mind doing a bid” “willing to ride or die for they mans” but “can’t trust these bitches”…What do those lyrics really mean? Have we as consumers and supporters been duped for decades?

Very few men in this industry admit to having wives or girlfriends…they will admit to having hoes though. However we don’t really care who the hoes are..Hoes could literally be ANYBODY.

Clive Davis admitted to being Bisexual…To me that’s the question being asked the least. Mister Cee wanted to make it clear that he still loved women…and he’s supposed to be married! From what I’ve seen, He hasn’t apologized to his wife or their families publicly either. He wanted to make it clear to ALL OF US that although this situation with this transgender male happened that the ladies know he loves the ladies….As a married man…why are you trying to make sure that’s communicated? There is way more to this story than meets the eye. WAY MORE

End of day. I don’t care about anyone’s sexuality in hip-hop. It’s none of my business and it doesn’t affect the talent that a person has. I don’t know why you can’t be gay in Hip-Hop. Cause it’s definitely gay fans and supporters. Definitely gay concert goers, apparel and CD purchasers. I bet if the numbers showed that a mainstream successful gay rapper could put up “THRILLER NUMBERS” that you would have cats on WSHH “getting caught and now forced to come out”…because the price of fame is steep and there is always at least ONE PERSON willing to cash out.

I want to hear from people on this. Perhaps a post like this will help build positive dialogue and maybe make being yourself, no matter who that is acceptable. Thanks for reading.

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