Imagine That: Groups and Songs That Should Be but Never Was…

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Some times you get to listening to hip-hop and some of your favorites in their prime and you start having dream tracks. You sit and think DAMN! How come they NEVER collaborated! That would have been ill! That could have changed Hip-Hop! That might have saved a life….Well Let’s dream shall we. Let’s have a good old fashion mash up and play the what if game right now!

The following mash ups I wish would have happened for at least 1 song to give us something else great to talk about and possibly give our favorites a run for their money.

Black Rob and 50 Cent [2002] – These two would honestly compliment each other well. No one is hands down better than the other, the really do street music and the flows and deliveries are almost identical. In a way.. They could be twins on the mic. I would have loved to hear at LEAST an EP from Banco and Fiddy

Beanie Siegel and Guilty Simpson [A song featuring Sauce Money]  [Year 2000]– Now, this is going to boost the crime rate no doubt. This collab should have been on a State Property Soundtrack. I still think it’s promise for this one.

Joe Budden and Jay-Z [2003] – The Pump it Up Remix don’t count. I don’t know what their issue is or was but this should have happened no question. This might have kept Def Jam strong!

Eminem, Big Pun, Treach of Naughty By Nature and Kool G Rap [Year 2000] – Flows unparalleled! This would be a monster no question!

Pun, Fat Joe and Biggie [Year 1998] –  East Coast Classic. PERIOD!

Pac, Nas, Trick Daddy and Scarface – [Summer of 1996]…I think this changes things and for the better. I also think Trick Daddy has the Best Verse

Pac, DMX with Danny Boy on the Hook [Dream Year 1999] – Flat out this was just meant to happen.

Eminem, Royce Da 5’9, Canibus and Ras Kas [Year 2001] – We all know why this won’t go down but man lyrically this probably would have been the best track ever! I can’t imagine any of these cats going for less than 32 bars on this one.

Big L, Ma$e, Cam’ron [Dream Year 2003] – This is a dream year for various reasons. but let me get to the Bigger Picture…Any Year Big L, with Harlem world Ma$e and Dipset Cam on 1 Track..Harlem becomes a REAL! PROBLEM!

Mobb Deep and Scarface [Years 1998-2001] – I don’t know if I want to hear this NOW….but from 1998-2001. CLASSIC Material

Jadakiss and Big Pun [Year 2000] – I don’t know how on earth Sheek got the Pun collab before Jada but I was always tripping off how these two never laid nothing down. The preverbal torches were passed to them after a handful of 16’s!

Public Enemy, 2 Pac and KRS-One [1994] – This could have been the Rodney King Verdict Anthem but it’s important for this to come out 1994 just because of the state of hip-hop at that time. It’s more for balance reasons than anything. Plus people would see just how much of a East Coast N-Word Pac really was.

Rick Ross and Heavy D produced by Justice League [Dream Year 2007]  –  Now the trick hear is I want “Waterbed Hev” on Deeper than Rap the album…Ross hit a stride and this would have been something for the ladies BUT! I think this would have epitomized smooth

Big L and Eminem [Dream Year 2002] Man…this would have been sick twisted and Ill! Not much more I can say

Ja Rule, Pac and DMX [Dream Year 1999] – The misconception is that 1 or maybe even 2 of these rappers wouldn’t be around if one had stayed alive. I just want to hear the track to see for myself.

Craig Mack, Redman and Keith Murray [Year 1996] – Now true this WILL expose Mack lyrically…but hey. I just would have liked to hear it

Big and Pac – [Spring 1996] –  I still say one conversation and one track would have kept them here. For two actual friends to fall out and for their lives to end in unsolved murders is just flat out unfair. This would also be the track where I say “SEE! TOLD Y’ALL Pac can’t UFF with Biggie on The BARS!”

What’s some collabs you wish would have happened? Are any of them still possible? Let us know! 

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