A Tribe Called Quest Drops “Midnight Marauders” 20 Years Ago Today!

That video right there…sent me through an uncontrollable feeling. When I seen that video I went crazy and didn’t even understand why. I watched Rap City front to back to record this video on VHS and I would BANG THIS on my old school tube TV…I had never felt I NEEDED to buy music more than I did when I heard this song.

I had two paper routes at the time..I found out the name of the album, asked my mom to take me to Walmart and with my Journal Standard/Wednesday Advertiser money, I purchased my very first hip-hop album, A Tribe Called Quest – “Midnight Marauders”.

I pretty much studied this album. Even dubbed it on a tape to play in my walkman while riding my bike. I still to this day have the copy I bought and although a little rusty word for word, I can still rock this album! HA!

Who knew when The Tribe dropped this album on November 9th 1993 that it would literally change my life. I became a real hip-hop fan to this album. I was a fan of the MUSIC! Not how tough they were, how many units they sold and I NEVER heard this song on the radio [Partially because my town didn’t have a hip-hop station we could listen to] Award Tour and The Tribe found ME and from that moment on I became an official fan, supporter and collector of Hip-Hop Music.

One day I’m going to meet the Tribe [All 4 Members Lord Willing] and I want to just talk to them and thank them for putting out this album. It would truly mean the world to me just to see where they were mentally when recording and what their expectations were. I want to break down track for track why this album was what it was and revisit the Classic with its creators. That will be a Milestone for the @BehindTheRhyme brand no question!

Salute, Respect and Appreciation to A Tribe Called Quest! Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Q-Tip and Jarobi….A,E,I,O,U…and sometimes Y.


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