Wu-Tang Clan’s Enter The Wu-Tang [36 Chambers] Celebrates 20 Years!

November 9 1993 marked a day that probably the most unique group EVER dropped their first album. The Wu-Tang Clan and there debut “Enter The Wu-Tang [36 Chambers] had so many X-Factors and “How The Hells!?!” that still to this day I am surprised it worked.

9 Guys with 9 different styles, deliveries and personas on one track, with production themed around martial arts films doesn’t quite equal success on paper. Shoot, you can’t get magic with 3 of your favorites rappers on one track sometimes. However..They made it work

Da Mystery of Chessboxing was ultra confusing to me at the time. I just didn’t get it. I seen them rapping on a Chessboard, martial arts displayed and I heard NOTHING about Chess or Boxing in any of the verses. So I was like eh! ok…I’m straight on them.

I actually got to thank my boy JJ for putting me on to Wu. He was the ultimate Method Man fan at the time and I can’t front, that “M.E.T.H.O.D Man” joint was bananas! Once he got the album and I heard Clan In Da Front, C.R.E.A.M, Bring Da Ruckus  and Shame on A Nigga I was definitely jumping out of the WU Window!

This album was like the Ultimate Compilation CD to me. When I heard it, I KNEW I was buying the Genius/GZA album. He was definitely my favorite member after a few listens of this album.

I’ll admit it took me a WHILE to truly get this movement and even longer to say I liked a song or album from EVERY member of the group but regardless of how I feel The 36 Chambers Album is a Golden Era Classic! No Doubt In My Mind. You won’t get 9 other rappers to put together a project and have something like this happen ever again…EVER!

PEACE TO THE GODS! The RZA, The GZA, Old Dirty Bastard [RIP], Inspectah Deck, Raekwon The Chef, U-God, Ghostface Killah and The Method Man!

Can’t forget Cappadonna, Killa Priest, Killa Army, Gravediggaz, Streetlife, Tekethia [Replaced by Mary J on All I Got Is You] and TC [The Dude that sing on Ironman]

And we all know the Honorary Wu Members Redman, Nas and Mobb Deep.

SUUUUUUUUUUUUU That’s The Call of The WU!


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