Do You Really Want To Be In This Industry?

I come in contact with a lot of “artist”. Signed, unsigned all seemingly ambitious and by there admission “Ready” but then I see, hear and read their gripes and complaints and I often wonder do they know what they really want.

So many artist “Want to get on” but swear they’re “Not going commercial”…Simple question. How do you know? Do you truly understand that when you sign to a major label that your JOB is to make hit records? Do you know that failure to produce hits will result of you being shelved or dropped from a label?

So many artist complain about rappers being “Commercial” or “Hip-Pop” but yet want the opportunity and the platform to prove they can do a better version of them in order to achieve success. Sometimes I’m not sure if that’s ambition or Jealousy talking.

Then of course you got the ones complaining about what Radio can or needs to do for them. The argument is always “This station don’t support locals” then the flip side is when they do play someone “They aint hotter than me” “Why they get a shot? They must have paid someone off”…I would love for the day when cats just keep it 1,004 and say “I just want y’all to play MY MUSIC! The city, the scene none of that matters to me…I just want to be on the radio”

The unfortunate reality of this is everyone is not meant to make it or is going to make it as an artist. It’s not all about being a good rapper. Some people are nice and lazy, some are ultra whack but they work hard and improve. Some can rap and grind hard but feel they are entitled to much more than what they earned…There will always be a reason and it never fails.

Purse the music with your heart. Have fun, do it for the love…If you can get paid great but if that’s your only mission, I’d recommend hanging it up before you waste a lot of time and money.

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