My “Bound 2” Treatment

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So the world is seemingly disgusted with the Bound 2 video. It looks like Yeezus has taken another L in the aspect of popular opinion. I’ll admit, the video overall is pretty “What on Earth is this mess” however Kim K, naked, getting banged on a motorcycle while the wind blows, with her arms up is pretty fantastic to me…that’s all I remember. Moving on…

I have a treatment that may very well appease the masses and be entertaining, yet powerful. So let’s get into my treatment for Yeezus Bound 2 Video.

Opening Scene
A Lame who ODDLY ENOUGH looks just like Ray J is leaving the set of a video shoot, with a big grin on his face and gets on his phone.

*Bound 2 music starts*

The Lame makes his way to his Rolls Royce, Yeezus and Kim K appear and Yeezus Smacks FIRE out of this guy. Character doesn’t put up a fight. In fact, he just looks and ask “Why you hitting me”

Yeezus “Cause you a disrespectful BISH!!!” and he draws back ready to steal of the guy and he takes off. Kim K looks on in disgust, then bursts into laughter.

Short transition of Kanye and Kim K on a Bike and a reflective moment happens for Kanye.

He’s sees the night he KNEW he wanted to make Kim his lady forever, which happens to be on her 30th Birthday Party. He stands off in the cut in all white in the club while Kim and her girls live it up for her Dirty 30

While this is going on “The Lame” is in the same club with another girl and his older sister. His sister is getting mad love, so The Lame feels the need to stunt. Takes an impromptu trip to the bathroom.

The Lame comes back ULTRA HYPE and tells the DJ [Charlie Wilson] he has a special message for a special lady. *Charlie Sings* Lame looking at Kim K with a look of lust and desperation and is trying to text her in the club to get up for the night. Kim ignores.

Kanye makes his way over to the section as the 2nd verse hits. Lame looks distraught from his Big Sister section

He’s greeted with open arms and everyone is happy to see him

Quick Cut NO TRANSITION to Kanye banging out Kim in the kitchen with a spilled pitcher of Kool-Aid on the counter.

Then a split screen to The Lame who is sitting in the dark with his phone…trying to think of what to say to get Kim’s Attention.

Cut to Kim’s phone buzzing crazy on the table in the other wing of the house.

Texts Read: Are you with Chitown? I need you! Aint Nobody Perfect! I HIT IT FIRST BISH!

Lame upset she isn’t responding throws his phone and runs back to the bathroom. Then a cut to Kim and Kanye Climaxing at the same time.

Then a cut to the Lame flat on his back in the bathroom with a white substance around his face while Charlie’s part comes back in.

The Lames life is flashing before his eyes

Instant Black Out

Hospital Scene: Kim K is giving birth while on a different floor The Lame is being rushed to ICU for overdose.

Another Instant Black Out and the words “Yeezus Forgives” pops up on the screen

*uh uh honey*

End Treatment

WHOOOO!!!! THAT VIDEO SOUND HARD AS HAIL!!! Somebody send this to Yeezus so he can make an alternate video! That’s video of the year caliber right there! Seriously though have Mr. West hit my line.

Until I have my talk with Ye’, y’all enjoy the current video that his has provided.

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