Is Wale Becoming the Ultimate Victim of Circumstance?

Well Complex dropped their Top 50 albums list of 2013 and Wale’s “The Gifted” was not on the list AT ALL….So Wale had this to say…

NOW! Let’s first and foremost be clear that this is HILARIOUS! I didn’t think Wale could be this hilarious…but he indeed is! Man! “Get The Security Ready” and the rest of this is indeed sound byte of the year worthy!

Before we go in further I would like to say I appreciate any rapper that feels a certain way about not being mention amongst being the best or having the best album. To me it shows that they actually care about their pen game and their contribution to hip-hop. I personally get so tired of cats that “just trying to get paid” or “doing what they got to do”. It’s actually DOPE to have a cat that’s really trying to rap and gets down right mad if you don’t think he one of the nicest. So for that…I honestly respect Wale and his position.

Now to a more pressing issue. Is Wale becoming a victim of circumstance? I honestly believe so. It’s no secret that around the industry for 1 reason or another that Wale is not a well liked person. From twitter rants, to reports of woman threats or just his attitude in general in a solid majorities eyes, Wale is just not someone people care for.

I know first hand from a few midwest DJ’s that NO WALE gets a spin on any mixes or programming rotation on a few radio stations and parties off the strength of his attempt to mistreat and belittle a DJ over not having his mixtape tracks to perform over…Wale even went to twitter to try and go in…not realizing this DJ was part of a well respected and connected core and he really just messed up a situation literally over nothing. [Paraphrased to the max]

Although people may not like him, all outlets need to do their best to separate the person from the music. I am not a “Wale Fan” but..I must say The Gifted is a pretty smooth album. Definitely better than the majority of albums that dropped in June and this year. Now it’s not in my Top 10 of Hip-Hop only BUT I can’t see it being out of anyone’s Top 50 of hip-hop only if they actually listened to it.

The Complex representative said it is nothing personal and I’ll take them at they word but, you can’t explain to me how ANY ALBUM with Birdman on it made it over Wale’s. Also Migos, French Montana, 2 Chainz and Even J. Cole’s albums are NOT better than The Gifted. Sorry but, that’s reaching borderline Fact for me and all those albums made a list of 50 albums that weren’t all hip-hop.

Love the content on Complex but I’d be lying if I said I feel Wale wasn’t being blackballed just a little from their list. We know the Complex list is not 100% hip-hop…but are you saying that all the albums that are hip-hop are definitely better than Wale’s? I can’t see that being reality.

2 thoughts on “Is Wale Becoming the Ultimate Victim of Circumstance?

    1. True and no one is disputing that….but are you saying every rap album on the list is better than Wale’s? Its ok if you haven’t heard it either cause even that would solidify Complex point.


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