BehindTheRhyme’s Favorite Tracks and Verses of 2013

2013 I think more than proved that we are in a process of a new Golden Era. There was a log of great music verses out this year. Even more than I’m going to name. However everything I’m about to name or post is definitely worth your listening ear. So Let’s Go!

Kanye West “I’m In It” – This song is dope and nasty! You don’t like a song when a dude is rapping about putting his fist in a woman’s vagina and making her scream? You might be a virgin and a lame…but hey…music is opinion right??? Riiiiighhhht.

Drake “All Me/The Language” –  I still say Drake is the leader of the New School…That’s really all I got to say. Big Sean Murked All Me too!

Jay Z and Rick Ross “You Know I Got It” – I really like this joint. I don’t even want to upset the Jay Stans but just know I think this goes hard!

Vic Mensa “Orange Soda” – I really dig the Save Money Crew. I really want them to win and honestly, that’s exactly what they doing. Vic and Chance looking real unstoppable right now and they creating original dope music. This joint is too smooth not to like.

Rich Homie Quan “Some Type of Way” – after the 2nd or 3rd listen…you can’t help but to like this joint.

Earl Sweatshirt “Whoa and Hive” – Odd Future is an acquired taste. Half the reason why I like these cats is cause they say what they want in an overly sensitive world. They truly don’t give a FAWK! I’m officially checking for Vince Staples after his Hive Verse…BANANAS!

Thomas Crown [Future 5ive] Up In This B**ch Verse – I came across this on my career grind and really when I heard it, it just stuck. I think Crown’s verse is dope on this. He works hard too and him and his crew the Naptown Kings will probably be at one of your venues soon! Check out Crown’s album “SUPREME” too. He going HARD on the heauxs…Definitely worth a listen. Indianapolis definitely got a few cats you should pay attention to out here.

“Tell you b**ch calm the f**k down, when she meet a n***a like me” – Thomas Crown

King Louie “F**k Is These N**gaz” – Louie came back strong with this one. Can’t front on it. This same phrase had me trying to fight a group of cats in Atlanta lol


Stalley feat Scarface “Swangin” This was probably my favorite joint of the first half of the year. Wasn’t really a fan of Stalley but this joint hard as hail!

Young Dro “FDB” No Explanation Needed

There were plenty others but I felt these needed to be highlighted because the average listener may front or just not check out these joints. Some others include
Pusha T – “King Push” My Favorite intro of the year! When I heard it I instantly knew I had to hear the rest of the album

Action Bronson Wiz Khalifa – “The Rockers” The second half of the hook is “Hit You With The Dropkick, Marty Janetty”…I’m a wrestling fan. NO WAY was this not making it

Childish Gambino “Sweatpants” – Binos Bars are BANANAS! You just got to listen to it

Schoolboy Q Feat. Kendrick Lamar “Collard Greens” I wanna see Q win. Still my favorite out the Hippies

Nipsey Hussle “Blessings” – That beat is crazy and the angle Nipsey takes is cool “Lord give us strength not to f**k with heauxs” Cmon man..You got to respect that

Dom Kennedy “Honey Buns ft. KRONDON” – I think Don is Dope. People really got to get up on dude. It’s New Age Throwback West Coast.

A$AP Rocky “Wild for The Night/Long Live A$AP” – Rocky has promise and is really growing on me. It started with these two joints. Im curious to see what he does moving forward.

It’s this cat Jay Stonez out of Chicago, he do Drill and he got a joint I thought was fire! Can’t find the song or the name of the song now. It’s not Cooking All Morning with 2 Chainz but check that out too. Never. BeenA. THOT. Lover. – Jay Stonez

Tony Cartel “She Going” – Talk about songs you felt you should have been on. I identify with so much of this song that if I didn’t add it…I’d be a hater. Salute to Tony Cartel

2 Chainz “Where You Been/So We Can Live” – 2 very dope songs and Cap 1 and T-Pain did they thing on these.

We talked Control enough this year..and I still say Sean’s verse Bar for Bar is better

And Im over ni**as saying they the hottest ni**as. Then run to the hottest ni**as just to stay hot – Big Sean

There were way more and honestly I would be here all day..So lets move on. Some artist. We had to just put in to the favorite Projects of 2013. Tell us your favorite in the comments if you don’t see it. There is officially New Golden Era for this generation of new Hip-Hop Heads.

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