BehindTheRhyme’s Hip-Hop Polaris 2013

Let’s do something unconventional and unexpected and represent hip-hop. You often here that rap is like High School or the WWE. So is about to make your analogies official! Introducing the very first edition of BehindTheRhyme’s Hip-Hop Polaris!

HipHop Polaris

Our special collaborator on this project is the Homey Mic Jonez! Salute to him for being a supporter of

Most Likely To Succeed: Chance The Rapper

Chance_The_Rapper Offical Tumblr

On one hand you would think, man he already succeed but, then you got to remember he made great strides off of one album. I’m sure he’ll get his Freshmen nod now and he went from being on Mac Miller’s tour to doing the same cities on his own tour in less than 6 months. If Chance don’t make it, the game has truly changed for the worse.

Most Likely To Fall Off: DJ Khaled


Shout to Mic Jonez nod for Wayne but here’s why I go Khaled. “We The Best” music is now banking on the revamp of Vado and although I do like Ace Hood as a person and his story, with those 2 being your anchors right now in hip-hop…its just not going to pan out with ten-fold success. Also, the 6 man 8 bar verse tracks with the screaming on them, just don’t see that working anymore moving forward. Now me not being a Wayne fan,  I say he fell pretty hard when his core didn’t like the Carter 4 album. Then with the forgettable D5 and I am Not A Human Being 2 getting jeers, it definitely makes a strong case for Wayne’s official demise..but end of day..They are both under the Cash Money Umbrella so, maybe we both right ha!

The New Face of Street Music: Meek Mill


He hands down wins this partially because he wants its badder than anybody else! Meek is using the street format and content to a level where he’s pretty much his own category. With the MMG engine behind him I don’t see any cats taking the street music crown from him for a while.

I can’t say Yo Gotti because Gotti’s BEEN popping in these streets if anything he’s just getting a more mainstream, major label look. He has potential to be “Urban Legend T.I” but I can’t give him New face of street because his track record is too long. His career is a regional debate. Masses just need to catch up.

Most Sensitive Rapper: Wale


First let me say this has NOTHING to do with Complex. This does have everything to do with the Tiara Thomas situation, checking and responding to his mentions, and some of his irrelevant arguments over the year. This mans heart is also the chip on his shoulder. Although I do appreciate how much he cares about his art, I can’t deny the fact that Wale is the guy that will bust a joke for a laugh but, when you fire back he’ll hit you with something like “But I’d beat your a$$ though” or “At least my Grandma still alive”…

Lot of y’all were expecting Drake. Too easy and to be honest the Kendrick issue I think he Addressed during “The Language” and in the 2nd Break of “Tuscan Leather”..I think NWTS was pushed back for those 2 tracks alone.

The Overachiever: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis


This is possibly the greatest independent rap story ever told. With all due respect to Tech N9ne and Strange Music, the world hasn’t seen anything like this. I personally remember being sent the Macklemore video about the Jordan’s about 3 years ago. Add that to he had Thrift Shop in 2008 and literally built a fan base of major label proportion with no financial backing or buzz, you can’t say they haven’t over achieved. They definitely dropped one of the heaviest concept albums in a long time. The subject matter on The Heist is more broad than any other rap album period. His story really gives hope that hip-hop will survive on it’s on terms.

The Underachiever: J. Cole


This is no brainer for me. Born sinner is a classic case of a rapper surviving off of his potential and affiliation. Power Trip, Villuminat and Let Nas Down are all wins, Crooked Smile was his attempt at  “Unpretty” with TLC and the rest of this album is “OhhhhhKaaaaaay”. I’m still convinced that people bought this album because of negative press of Yeezus. The rest of June was more about beating Kanye to a Gold Plaque [Who sold more first week]  then really praising the material and rhyming on this album. I fear Cole is heading down the same path Jada did. By Kiss The Game Goodbye, I didn’t care how Nice Big thought he was. J. Cole is still living off that “Jay think I’m Dope, I’m on Rocnation” hype…It’s over…Do something great now.

The Hottest Crew: G.O.O.D Music

GOOD Music

Let’s talk facts. G.O.OD Music had one of the best faction years in a long time. This ain’t about 1 verse, Good Cyphers or projections. This is Albums, Feature Runs and Depth. Kanye pushed the enveloped, Pusha T is in Best Album Rap debates and Big Sean has killed EVERY feature that has come his way for over 18 months now. Now add Common’s verse on switch, Hall of Fame being easily a Top 20 rap album for the year and I don’t see where the discussion needs to continue.

I know, I know…it should be TDE right? Wrong! The only new music from the camp in 2013 was verses [From Kendrick] and Collard Greens [With Kendrick]. Ab Soul made Chance and Mac’s album, Jay Rocks been working and Q’s album got pushed back.  Real Life. its too much weight on that Control Verse…which the more I listen to it…eh…but we’ve spoke on that enough. They cypher was hot….Respect to TDE though. My plea to them is drop these projects and live up to the hype and expectation.

One Hit Away: Yo Gotti


As mentioned earlier Gotti has a chance to be  “Urban Legend T.I”. I honestly didn’t see this coming. Although I really did like “CM7″,” Nov 19th” and his album “I Am” he just hasn’t made  “That One” yet BUT, he’s definitely the closest. Ross, T.I and Jeezy have left the mainstream gangster lane open now that they have become legit bosses in the game. Gotti’s time is now.

Give It Up Already: Lil Wayne


I just dont have anything nice to I won’t slander. Whether it’s time off or retirement, I’m with, Just do it, it’s time…

Had to tell y’all Mic Jonez pick for this one: 

The “Chicago Drill Movement” Chief Keef & all his GBE OTF &buddies and wannabes are done on a National level. Katie Got Bandz needs to stop rapping IMMEDIATELY!!!  Locally the scene is going to thrive but it’s already grown tiresome. Lil Durk & Reese have been signed & dropped tapes that haven’t had much national impact. King Louie I think has the best shot at being the next to blow.
The Most Anti Industry…But Made It: Action Bronson
To clarify. “Made It” means filtered through the cracks and became either prominent or mildly successful in spite of the situation and music climate at hand.
Bronson is easily my favorite rapper right now. Nothing about him is commercial, formulated or mainstream acceptable but for some reason he just won’t be denied. I love it! People are taking notice and his releases are becoming more and more anticipated. The Freshmen cover was a good look for him and word is he is TDE affiliated which won’t hurt by ANY STRETCH right now. Bronson’s first full length label album might go Platinum…I sure hope so.
The People’s Choice: Kendrick Lamar
NO BRAINER! Kendrick is sipping the wine from the cup of Jesus himself right now. He set the world on FIRE with his Control verse [Which I have an ultra cool story to tell], Definitely had a great feature run From R.I.P Remix on down to Love Game and his album has played well over into 2013 by him just touring and dropping videos. They giving him the crown and saying he has a classic…the POWER of the Consumer can not be ignored.
See y’all next Year for Hip-Hop Polaris 2014! We got some great things coming up for next year so y’all stay tuned! Have a safe and blessed New Year!

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