Great Rap Quotes From… 2 Chainz

New feature on Deck! I wanted to do this feature because sometimes lyrics truly need to be read, digested and laughed at whether good or bad. I want to kick this off with 2 Chainz because in all honesty, overall…He’s not as bad of a rapper as people make him out to be. So, without further ado…Great Rap Quotes from 2 Chainz!


I keep my hoes in check…You buy Nike for yours… – Where You Been

Gucci Hat, Gucci Belt, if you wrote an autobiography you’d have to sue yourself, yo lying ass
Codeine in my wine glass, I know you had a wild past, I ain’t f**ked you in a while wit cho wild ass! – Where You Been

Grade A, A-1, Chain the color of Akon, Black Diamonds, Backpack Rhyming, Cosign by Luis Vuitton – Mercy

Im from the south and I like to spell it with an F, and the F stands for F**k you n**ga Kill yourself – Real Live Pro

Dressed to impress, snow on my chest/I don’t like her if she got a fro between her legs. Im a real ni**a and bishes like real and you is what it ain’t and it is what it is – Wut We Doing

You know I keep it G…Like 10 hundreds – 10 Summaz

I got a bag of pills who wanna play the X-Games? – 10 Summaz

Baby let me put my stick up in your matchbox [fye!] – 10 Summaz

His flow/verse on Fighting in The Club

Don’t make me Number 2 ya, ok I need some Charmin, I got swag for sale and I’m giving n**gas bargains
Rappers are my target, my flow so retarded need a handicap sticker for my 16’s when I park it – Undastatement

Lame n**ga be quiet, you in a real ni**a presence, I eat your girl up for breakfast, won’t save you no extras,  said she f**k with me cause a real n**ga her preference – Riot

Crocodile the gator type, Im allergic to the hater type, I’ll take your wife, give her back, 9 months after that, SIMILAC! – Spend It

Tell your baby daddy that he super weak. F**ked your girl last night it only took a week – Super Freak

Might eat a rich bish…yeah I got me expensive taste – Chris Tucker
Bust a nut in her mouth so now she can babysit – Chris Tucker

2 Chainz is hilarious! Rap is entertainment. We’ve all found ourselves wondering exactly what will this guy say next and for the most part…He hasn’t disappointed!

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