Rap N’ Wrestling: What Ric Flair Means To Hip-Hop

flair4 “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair is probably one of the best trash talkers of any sport or entertainment industry. In his prime he was the ultimate trendsetter,entertainer and Champion. His presence and flair [pun intended] was one of a kind and incapable of being duplicated.

Ric Flair was popping off before matches before the first rap diss track was ever made! The first time millions of Americans heard of a guy popping off about how fly he was, how much his shoes and house cost and how all the ladies wanted him was indeed in a Ric Flair or 4 Horsemen Promo.

There is no convincing me that hip-hop is not only full of wrestling fans but some of its biggest influences were some of the most prominent people of the squared circle.

One of Flair’s most famous lines is  “To Be The Man, You Have To Beat The Man” and hip-hop is fueled off the bravado and notion that you are indeed the man. Not just for recognition but for the money, cars, girls and rhyme respect. Flair talked it but he backed it up. He was no “Jobber”. He survived a real life Plane Crash that threatened his life and career. His story is worthy of a few albums and trust hip-hop is paying full attention to The Nature Boy.

Killer Mike and Pusha-T are two very big Ric Flair boosters and have use his likeness well and creatively

There are plenty others and if you follow wrestling and hip-hop as much as I do then you definitely know the deal. Flair was around before Rapper’s Delight and Rap didn’t really get too boastful until the mid to late 80’s. Coincidence??? I think No! You ask me Special Ed’s “I Got It Made” was created after he seen his favorite Ric Flair Promo. It should be no coincidence how Canibus, Kurupt, Ras Kas and Killah Priest came up with their Super Group Name and Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J and Jay Z’s personas…C’mon now. Y’all know who they sound like. Now, let’s hear from “The Man”!

Whether you been Cool N Fronting, Chilling or Mobbing with your Crew, Running up on n***as with your squad, in the spot deep, Stunting, shinning, balling, blinging or flossing with Girlies on your Jock or Bishes on your D**k in your rhymes….You borrowed from The Nature Boy Ric Flair and The 4 Horsemen, just keep it 1,004! WOOOOOO!

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