Rap N’ Wrestling: RUN DMC At Wrestlemania V


One of the best and wildest Wrestlemania moments for me was when Run DMC and Jammaster Jay performed “Wrestlemania Rap” at Wrestlemania V. That’s right! Before the Mega Powers Exploded one of the biggest and best rap groups EVER hopped in the squared circle to perform.

Remember this promo? LOL! DMC is obviously a real fan LOL!

Although the sound quality and participation wasn’t as desired this was still a big moment for hip-hop no question.

For me this was big because finally some cool black men of respect were being highlighted in the WWF [Now WWE]. No offense but I NEVER wanted to be Ko Ko B Ware, Kamala or even the Junkyard Dog…That Left us with Butch Reed…and Vince McMahon made him a blonde…C’mon Son! YOU KILLING ME! Thank God for The Rock and The Nation of Domination during the Attitude Era. Rap and wrestling have maintained a relationship and with Rap Now global there is a bigger eruption and acceptance of the art form and its stars. I would have love to see the Pioneer trio grace the Wrestling Pay Per View one more time with hip-hop at it’s peak of popularity. I think the performance and the reception would have been epic! However, you can’t take away what this moment meant for both wrestling and hip-hop.

Respect to RUN DMC and Jammaster Jay [RIP] who broke another barrier and pioneered another trend in American Entertainment. We salute you.

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