Y’all Still Talking About Grammy Snubs Huh???

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 2.02.43 PM
Looked at that list from Complex…I’m Mad they added Kendrick Lamar like he’s 45 and Past his prime and had NO SHOT at EVER winning a Grammy Ever After 1 Mainstream Album Release…Also mad they Added Lil B Period….

The gem I want to drop to some of you in outrage is…Some of these acts on their list were making their best music before the Grammy’s were even recognizing Rap as a real genre a music.

A few of these acts are dead and only got one legit shot at a Grammy Nod…Really tripping how they added Lil B…

Bottom line of what Im saying is…You could name 100 GREAT Rappers who have NEVER received a Grammy Nomination let alone an actual Grammy Award.

What Does That Prove? You happy you know something? Hip-Hop was created in the 70’s….Tell me when hip-hop acts in GENERAL started getting Grammy nominations? Then tell me when they started getting aired on Television? THEN tell me when they actually started winning?

Your fake outrage and support disgust me. 50 Cent didn’t win a Grammy and he dropped one of the most important albums in Hip-Hop Ever! Yet he wins for his Collaboration verse for Crack A Bottle with Eminem and Dre….I’ve never even heard him breathe about that.

Will Smith’s Big Willie Style album never got a Grammy Nod and that was the restart of his music career and he had More HITS than Macklemore…and “Will Smith don’t have to cuss in his raps to sell records!” [Wise Eminem Words]

It’s 2014, Rap Music is GLOBAL! It’s not just about the streets anymore. IF YOU ARE IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS…YOUR JOB IS TO MAKE HIT RECORDS! I don’t want to hear anymore B.S and Fake Outrage about “The real don’t win” “The Grammys are fixed and biased” “Kendrick is the new Martyr of the Grammys” because be real. All the people you are speaking out about you didn’t buy they damn albums anyway.

You fake rap fans kill me…Kendrick’s Album should have went Diamond based on the last few days of TALK! That’s the problem though, Its all talk. Now if Kendrick has a surge in sales amounting to 100k or more for this week…then maybe the movement for change is real. If he don’t then all you are proving is that you know how to type…and nowadays anybody can do that. Award shows are run by boards and committees. You got a problem with that? Get in this game, pay your dues, hop on a board and let your verse be heard. If you don’t want to do all that….buy an album. Maybe a couple platinum plaques and singles will even the odds.

Listen to what KRS said in 1995 and Look what happened in 1996…Then think about Present Day Hip-Hop. Y’all ain’t saying nothing new.

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