Classic Definitions: Notorious B.I.G Life After Death Album

life after death
It’s been a long time since March 25th 1997. This was the day that one of the BEST HIP-HOP ALBUMS EVER WAS RELEASED! Notorious B.I.G’s Life After Death.

Now today marks no special anniversary of the album…Its just been in my rotation HEAVY this week. I sit at my desk or I’m just think of random lyrics, beats and melodies from this album and think “MAN! He said that in the 90’s!” Some of the lyrics I truly didn’t understand until adulthood and that understanding gives it a new freshness and luster.

I have seriously been playing “Life After Death” like it just came out this week…My Downfall is DEFINITELY on repeat! The content, the energy…It’s just a lot of rap songs PERIOD of ANY era that just don’t have it. It’s indescribable but you know it’s official.

That’s how you know when an album is “CLASSIC”. For no reason at all, 17 Years later, on a random day, you throw it in the deck or click play and you go NUTS over what your are hearing! The message and its production is timeless. You can’t listen to it and say “Oh I remember that time period when people were….” you literally got to look up the date because even though you know its old you can run up on someone that has no clue about the music and say “Man I just copped this last week” and they would believe you. That’s the type of album Life After Death is. Disc 1 and 2 are PHENOMENAL! This album is why I coined Biggie “The Number 1 Emcee of The 90’s” excluding nobody for no reason.

So please…Don’t speak to me about Classics unless they are at least 10 years old and there is a clear appreciation value of  the product.

Can you just visualize it
Before I got to sleep I check the beds and the closet
So I can sleep safe
Not too many keep a mill in the briefcase
Infrareds help me sleep safe…But Wait…

-Notorious B.I.G


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