The Slim Shady LP, 15 Years Later

Eminem sslp1

February 23, 1999, the game truly evolved. A guy from to Detroit, who happened to be white, brought forth some of the most vicious, crazy yet clever rhymes that mainstream hip-hop audiences have ever heard. That guy was Marshall Mathers and the project was The Slim Shady LP.

Eminem changed the entire perception of “The White Rapper” with this album. He was nothing like pass successful predecessors like The Beastie Boys, 3rd Bass and House of Pain….and he definitely garnered more respect as a person and lyrically than Vanilla Ice, Snow and ICP. He seemed to be carving out his own lane, with his own style and the only gimmick if you can call it one was his voice.

Although this album is pretty much hit or miss you couldn’t deny that Em was rapping his butt off every track! With Dr. Dre executive producing this project it definitely lead to some great tracks as well as great promise.

I know when I bought this album all I was thinking of was “DANG! HOW DID HE EVEN THINK OF THAT!?!?!” Lyrically, it was mind blowing. In my mind, from the moment I heard Role Model, Eminem became the best rhymer of words that I’ve ever heard. 15 Years later…I think he’s the greatest rhymer of words EVER.

This album paved the way for Asher Roth, Mac Miller, D-12’s fame, Hopsin, Odd Future, and anybody else that is using clever lyricism, Horrorcore and down right shock value and parental issues to push an album. Eminem has fathered a very big successful percentage of this game. Like it or not, it’s FACT!

Salute to the Slim Shady LP. The album that forever change the formula, success and the respect for the White Rapper.

Now for the album version

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