Royce Da 5’9’s “Death Is Certain” Album is 10 Years Old!


On or around February 24, 2004 I purchased an album by Royce Da 5’9″ called Death is Certain. What I knew about Royce when I purchased it was.

1. This is Em’s guy from Bad Meets Evil
2. BOOM!
3. This video I seen on Rap City called “Hip-Hop” produced by DJ Premier

The above was more than enough. Oblivious to what was going on, I expected Eminem to be on at least 3 tracks of this album. To my surprise not only was Em not on it, they weren’t even cool! I was kind of hurt by that.

Death Is Certain is relatively dark. It’s an album of anger and even possible hatred towards one of his best friends and everybody he rolls with. It he doesn’t get “Hit Em Up Flagrant” on the album but you can definitely feel the animosity. You find out bits and pieces of Royce’s life and all you can think is “It was all good just a week ago”. Glad they have since patched things up and all is well in D between two of its greatest lyricist.

Dope Beats, Dope and Venomous Rhymes…It truly is hip-hop. This album didn’t do well sales wise but you could argue that it’s possibly Royce’s best solo effort. I rank it right under Street Hop.

Happy 10th to Death is Certain. May Royce never have to endure the storms on this album again!

Here’s a throwback interview before I thought of

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