Stop Naming Your City After Violent Countries, Because They Will Blame Black People and Hip-Hop [Opinion]


Even when it seems Ignorance is at an all time high it seems that there is always someone to find some way to take it HIGHER!

Let me be crystal clear. This Chiraq and Napghanistan stuff is the dumbest and most ignorant thing that you can EVER SAY as an adult as a man as a functioning person in society and MOST IMPORTANTLY as a black person and as a hip-hop head.

I have to call it a black thing and a hip-hop thing. Why? Because I only hear it from aspiring Black Rappers that’s why. Do you truly understand how ignorant and uneducated you sound naming your city after Iraq and Afghanistan? Do you truly know what’s going on over there and why?

There are no kids killing for Jordan’s, drug blocks and over gangs affiliation in Iraq. So under that act alone your premise is beyond stupid and invalid. Your block is like a war zone because of low life niggers trying to prove they are tough while under the influence and they haven’t learned that killing solves nothing. Iraq is a REAL WAR ZONE because of the views of politics, government and rulership over the entire country…Has Barack Obama televised an execution on CNN because a person hasn’t signed up for Obama Care? How bout because you haven’t paid your taxes or just because you didn’t vote for him?

True. People are dying for literally NOTHING or nothing important in Cities like Chicago and Indianapolis. However NEVER get it confused when people are dying in other countries over the lack of freedom of choice for some cases.

You think the Hip-Hop Police is bad now? Keep naming your city after countries in disarray and see if they don’t form a Hip-Hop national guard and start placing them in inner city neighborhoods. See how many lyrics of songs start getting sent to the Supreme Courts because they consider the violence in these cities acts of Terrorism. The power of the spoken work aligned with your Freedom Speech can and will be used against you. NEVER GET THAT CONFUSED. It’s all entertainment until they treat you like the Taliban because you lack true knowledge and understanding of where your are verses what you seen on Breaking News Reports.

Don’t let these rappers that are not really moving units and becoming the superstars that they could be, lead you down the wrong path. Be smart and recognize these pawns in this game. You’d be a fool to think your will EVER move a million SOLD units rapping buffoonish Chiraq and Napghanistan bars.



Rest In Peace Maurice Dear! Rest In Peace C.G!

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