Why T.D.E Is In Total Control of Hip-Hop… [OPINION]

Buy Schoolboy Q’s album Oxymoron…

Over the last few days, I’ve had a few epiphanies. One regarding hip-hop. I’ll admit I wasn’t able to gain clarity due to the “Hype Beast” that exist with new artist. The Interscope engine and it’s propaganda and power is very real. However, it all has to be for a reason. Some artist you can put millions of dollars behind and it just won’t pay off. TDE is working though, but WHY??? I FEEL I HAVE THE ANSWER!!!

T.D.E is winning right now and is in control of the Heart of Hip-Hop because they are the ONLY team RIGHT NOW that has Hip-Hop Fans EXCITED about Hip-Hop Music! The rhymes are dope, the beats are infectious, and it music itself is just flat out fun. They have songs that you literally feel like you are apart of. There is no way you can be a wall flower to their songs. It’s literally unnatural. You don’t have to be from the streets, have money or “be a real nigga” to understand and to be honest we haven’t had a brand like this go mainstream in a long time.

It’s not about what you wore, what you drive, how many chains you got, what you do in the club, how much dope you sell and how cheap it is, who you shot, how much time your served, it’s not even about the amount of chicks you banging…They are really ONLY ABOUT THE MUSIC. That’s commendable.

For decades now, rappers have came out and went mainstream and you can tie them to a product or a lifestyle that is flashy, violent and status quo under the act of being “Nigger Rich”. You can’t do that with TDE.

Also it’s perfect storm industry wise. People Love to HATE Kanye so GOOD Music takes the popular vote L although they put out great music. T.I’s prison stints and new mainstream family man persona has somewhat negatively effected the aura of Grand Hustle. MMG is fizzing out and NEVER moves the most units. Although Drake is the benchmark and Nicki is a Superstar, Lil Wayne is the head of YMCMB and that ship is sinking as far as quality product is concerned. Jeezy has impact but, there hasn’t been a studio album to come out on CTE outside of his EVER and No one is going to win on RocNation more than Jay-Z until he takes on a Russell Simmons role and drops the mic permanently..and who sees that happening anytime soon?

That leaves TDE…Real Rappers moving Real Units. No gimmicks and “finer things” co-signing yet, they still have the rap game in a chokehold. It’s exciting because this could very well lead to the redefining of “What does a rap superstar look like?” and some would say that needed to be done a LONG TIME AGO.

Over 1 million sold and Kendrick has yet to write one verse about a watch and a chain. Schoolboy Q’s album is definitely filled with street tales and getting money but, it’s a perspective that not many take. You hear more about a kid being exposed to his environment than a “dude that really ran the streets” which we hear way too often. I keep hearing about Isaiah Rashad’s project so I definitely need to hear it. If you don’t like Jay Rock you’re an idiot and I am actually turning the corner on Ab-Soul so I will be checking for him as well.

We are witnessing “True Difference” in hip-hop music. Just another reason why you simply can’t complain about the state of it. Respect to TDE.

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