Dope Emcee’s That Are Almost NEVER Mentioned in Top 10 Conversations

Here’s a list where people will go out of their way to prove me wrong and say “Well maybe not in YOUR CONVERSATIONS but, they always come up in mine” STOP IT…It’s cool. You’re no less of a Hip-Hop Fan because you don’t mention some of these artist in your Top 10’s whether it be right now or all time. For one reason or another they are just forgotten or not mentioned. It happens in sports too. So let’s just agree to acknowledge and appreciate right now.

Black Thought – When I was in High School me and my crew would change our Top 5 or the order of it every week or every time an album dropped. Shout to my fam Keith. He was the ONLY PERSON IN THE 90’s WHO EVER PUT “Dude from The Roots” in his Top 5! And we fronted on him so hard! Keep in mind I didn’t have the first Roots album at the time and the Illadelph album was just ok to me. As always I presented a great argument but, I will say as time progressed Black Thought got better and put out better quality music than a few people who made our Top 5’s and 10’s back then. Just like you can make the argument that The Roots are the greatest hip-hop band/group ever, you can seriously make an argument about Black Thought being Top 5 on EVERYBODY’S LIST and do it using nothing but facts.

C.L Smooth – Every time I hear a C.L Smooth verse I’m impressed. Doesn’t matter how old it is or how under the radar it went. C.L Smooth is COLD! He rapped in the golden era and truthfully not many could mess with him and he can definitely could hang with the greats. Pete Rock’s production helps but cut that beat off and I guarantee C.L. Still getting busy!

He still flowing right now though…check out this..

Heavy D – Heavy D is Legendary [R.I.P] He may be why C.L didn’t pop. Same crew, same sound and Heav popped first so I get it. Yet and still there is not a lot of conversation on how NICE Heavy D was on the mic. One of the few cats who knew their lane and didn’t have to change to survive in the industry. The epitome of a genuine person and artist. You dig Heavy D’s music because you know if nothing else he’s being himself.  That’s build longevity in itself.

Can’t front..Heavy D got the best formula for the tracks for the ladies. “Word Up, You got me thinking you want me!”

Nick Minaj – Nicki’s Dope. A lot of people don’t want to hear that but it is what it is. She’s not winning by default either. Strip away the colors, the barbies, the cross over pop records and you will have a female that be going SUPER HARD Lyrically. I’m surprised she’s not in more females Top 10’s and not sure why I haven’t came across 1 dude who will put her in their top list, yet you see and hear them reciting her lyrics.

She last on the My Ni**a Remix cause she raped everybody on it. We already know about Monster, Sh***ed On Em and Luv Dem Strippers.

Masta Ace – Masta Ace has been around for a long time. To date how long he’s been getting busy he’s on the Original symphony. What a lot of new rap fans won’t know or realize is that he is one of the father’s to Eminem’s style. Ace been nice but for some reason I never remember cats talking about how he’s one of the best to ever do it. Another emcee under the act of track record and style who you can make an argument for every time he drops. Listen to what he’s done THIS MILLENNIUM.

I’ll probably do this again soon. There is so much more to hip-hop than Big, Pac, Nas and Jay Z. Appreciate a dope emcee that don’t get a lot of credit for being dope in casual conversations today..Salute to all the spitters.

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