The New Dumb Debate in Hip-Hop is “Diss Track Facts” [OPINION]


Over the last few months on Vlad TV, Vlad’s been asking Rappers and people in the media about the classic Takeover vs Ether battle. What makes this battle/”beef” so great is that it was started by Memphis Bleek [admittedly] and it lead to two of the greatest diss track in hip-hop history.

The new DUMB part of this debate is when people say “I think Jay actually won the battle because he displayed more facts”….HUH!?!?! So now Diss Tracks are under the scrutiny of public opinion over the truth?!?!?! What part of the game is that? What happened to flat out ripping an emcee to the point they have to keep responding or stop responding? What happened to “music is entertainment and it’s not 100% real life”. 13 years later and we have people giving Jay the W because “he displayed more facts”…Ok…lets break that down.

Jay called Prodigy a “Ballerina” based on the pictures he put on that Summer Jam screen. That has been disputed several times not only through the picture itself but from the people who worked and went to the school that Prodigy went to. Guess that’s not 100% truth then right?

Jay Z said Nas was “The Fag Model for Karl Kani and Esco ads”….I’m going to take a hint and a half that he was trying to say he was homosexual. Problem is how can he know or prove it as fact?

Jay said Nas had only 1 hot album in 10 years…of course I don’t think that’s true but it’s not about me. Nas was getting 4.5 or better every time he dropped until Nastradamus. That was also when Mics mattered and he was selling millions…That doesn’t sound too factual. No “Garbage” emcee could put out 3  platinum selling albums in the 90’s.

Sure Nas isn’t the Super Thug that some of his lyrics portrays…but in rap how many truly are? Jay-Z threatened to kill Mobb Deep at the height of his career but, did you really believe he would do it? I’ve met a Hip-Hop ICON in this game a few years back who’s image is NOTHING like I expected and my homey was SEVERELY LET DOWN. We won’t name names because in REAL LIFE, I think we both keep it G more than they do.

Sure Jay banged out Carmen and from her own book and admission that’s nothing special. He just had enough promise to get the box. Nobody’s bragging on smashing SuperHead either. It’s was just something to do

Only point I’m trying to make here is, lets not over analyze diss tracks and look for truth. Diss tracks are the highest form of entertainment in hip-hop next to Webbie. You didn’t see an article in Rap Page about “How true is Ice Cube’s “No Vaseline” even when Eazy E died of AIDS that wasn’t a discussion.

Snoop making “Jimmie Jokes about your momma that you might not like” has nothing to do with TRUTH from JUMP. But how many times did you call somebody’s momma a “Frisco Dyke” after you heard Dre. Day?

Do you really think LL Cool J masturbated to Ice-T’s album cover?
Do you think Roxanne Shante is only good for Steady Pumping?
Do you think Canibus could really rip the tat for LL’s arm?
Do you think Beans has 100 Macs and 100 K’s?….wait, that might have been extremely real.

Point I’m making here is, if we are going to comb rappers verses for the truth then we might as well all start listening to Country Music. There is a good chance that 7 of the rappers in your top 10 have only been knocked for Possession, Traffic Violations and Child Support….They are just like us…Deal with it.

Rappers Lie in they raps everyday B! *Money Making Mitch Voice*.

Thank You Memph…Now lets relive two of the best going at it

As an Extreme Mobb Deep and Nas fan…you already know how I felt…lol C’mon Now…

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