What The G-Unit Reunion Means To Me and Why No One Is Safe!

Last night at Summer Jam 2014, Queens stood tall as 50 Cent and Nas show respect to one another and share a stage. I personally NEVER thought I would see that day but, the day was indeed epic to say the very least.

photo from vibe.com
photo from vibe.com

And just when we thought that was the ultimate patch up moment of the night. We see the entire original G-Unit on stage! That’s Right! 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Young Buck all on stage for the first time in literal YEARS!

Photo from missinfo.tv
Photo from missinfo.tv

I felt this was going to happen for a few reasons.

1. 50 made it clear he wasn’t speaking to Banks and Yayo

2. He said he could patch up the Buck situation because he understands it

3. 50 noticed Troy Ave and his Banks and Yayo collabs yet Banks and Yayo don’t come out during Troy’s set

4. 50 has no real “Rap Beef” out there and he lives to make impact filled hip-hop moments

I know what you are thinking “Man that ain’t the entire G-Unit. What about The Game!?!?” I have an answer. Realize The G-Unit members in the picture above were actual friends/family. 50, Banks and Yayo all our from Queens. Young Buck albeit an added member from “Cashville, TN” is Fifty’s guy. 50 went out his way to scoop buck up after his Cash Money deal went awry and lets not forget, Buck was on the road more than Yayo due to his stint in jail.

The Game was a business transaction. Game and 50’s bond rest on Dr. Dre affiliation and paperwork. Game was put into G-Unit to make him hot so Dre could put out another artist on the Aftermath imprint since they were 2 for 2 with Eminem and 50. If 50 is under any umbrella NOT Interscope, The Game is NEVER in G-Unit….period. 50 admits he doesn’t even know how the issue with Game started but he has also made it clear he’s not trying to find out or fix it, leaving G-Unit exactly where it was when Get Rich or Die Trying released and in my opinion, things are about to get ULTRA REAL in the Rap world.

G-Unit reunites patches things up with Nas and is seemingly 300 deep on stage coming in PEACE yet and STILL the energy was so crazy and there was a hint of fear in the air! When’s the last time you seen a ruckus on stage while dudes is performing? How bout what appeared to be a scuffle and a chain snatching? Probably about 10 years ago right? That’s what I was thinking as I was watching.

About 50 million records sold between the 4 members in just the U.S, yet the feel was “These n***as about to hurt something just because” LOL! It was GREAT! Let me explain why.

Hip-Hop needs real street tension. It’s a lot of fake tough guys on and off the mic in the industry. G-Unit proved once again last night “Everybody’s gangster till the REAL gangsters show up”. The guy with the most money in the venue is on stage smiling and having a good time while someone is getting their chain snatched during his set! LOL! HOW CRAZY IS THAT!?!

I’m all for the peace and positivity. I’m not for anyone dying over B.S and hip-hop rumors. However, there needs to be a group of cats with real clout both in the streets and in the industry to put a little fear in the hearts of some cats…maybe even smack the ish out a few people. Just so they know they can’t get flip at the mouth and think there will be no consequences. You think more “Trinidad James Situations” are going to happen with G-Unit at full strength? Yeah, me either.

I believe the reunion was very real. This was far greater than Dipset coming back together. You have a group of guys who achieved ultimate levels of success and exceeded expectations in their primes to a degree, coming together for a historical moment of nostalgia. They did “I Smell Pu$$y” last night! WOW! Go to Ja’s twitter for his reaction. Songs from “50 Cent is The Future” were performed last night on a Summer Jam Stage! Do y’all truly understand what that means!?!?!

BONUS: 50 shared a stage with Non G-Unit artist last night [Fabolous, Trey Songz and Yo Gotti]

Yes, 50 has an album out tomorrow but, to see all 4 of them rocking on stage and doing literal hip-hop classics was GREAT for the year 2014. Keep in mind this is what the new generation of rap fan is expecting YMCMB and T.D.E to be in 2024.

The Dipset reunion seemed more like a forced plea or a money making scheme. They even had a new song together and the hip-hop world at that time didn’t even know these cats were cool! Since that moment nothing for the hip-hop fan has been noteworthy. It’s great if they are all friends and everything is cool but, once again G-Unit is the Faction Blueprint on how things should be done…NO! I DON’T want to see a Roc-A-Fella reunion when Beans gets released. It can only fail once catalog reality sets in. Just go to a Jay-Z concert.

To Me: The G-Unit reunion means the reconstruction of NY Hip-Hop. The guys many blame for destroying NY Rap have come together and they didn’t put the scope to anybody’s head or chest last night. That’s MAJOR! 50 made sure only his team was eating in the beginning. Last night, he made it clear Yo Gotti was on stage with him last night because  “He’s in the winners circle”. 50 and Fab have a hot record together! When is the last time you had a HOT record from 50 and a rapper that’s a Non G-Unit member? This probably all sounds far fetched on the surface but pull 50’s resume. Understand that NY united against him and his team in the public eye and LOST and unity officially went out the window after that. G-Unit wouldn’t come back together for the sake of saying they did. Be watching for what’s next.

Welcome Back G-Unit! With 50 Cent independent and everyone back in the fold, they really have the ability to change the game again. 50 has millions and his relationship with Eminem is still in tack. WhooKid is still on Shade 45 and for the most part, 50 has came in peace over the last 2 years. We seen what they did when everyone hated them…but what happens when it’s all love?

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