My Thoughts on The Bigger Issue on Why The Arsenio Hall Show Was Canceled


Ok, Now that the fake outrage has died down I will speak on this matter somewhat briefly.

I consider Arsenio Hall to be a pioneer and staple in pop culture television and not just because he was black. In the 90’s when Arsenio Hall was on TV he was literally doing something different. His show looked different, the approach and the feel was different and he obviously looked different. The show had edge because it was delivering a new perspective on life. Even revisiting old clips, I don’t see “A Black Show”, I see entertaining late night TV. Sure there were “Black Moments” but, he’s a black person so that’s going to happen. The show was hip, cool, it was fresh because it was effortless in it’s attempt to be entertaining and because there were issues and questions that only you would find on his show. That’s what made the original Arsenio Hall show special.

Fast Forward to present day. The Arsenio Hall show just flat out wasn’t as entertaining. The first month was bad jokes and nostalgia where he literally just brought on people that were on 20 years ago. Not that it’s a bad thing but it just wasn’t compelling TV. The love fest is all good for maybe 2 minutes but, when you got a 5-10 minute interview it gets old QUICK!

I felt the segments, sketches and bits were terrible! “Gangsta, Not Gangsta”, Kanye Attacks and the SUPER unfunny white dude with the camera helmet!?!? I wanted to Burn the set down myself. I will give them credit for “Who you with?” That actually was a good segment.

I felt the new Arsenio Hall show was more successful at awkwardly controversial fails  instead of being cutting edge, entertaining and smash mouth. In the end, The Arsenio Hall show failed due to bad writing and not truly embracing today’s hip-hop era/culture. No, I don’t mean having MORE rapper guest and performances. I mean embracing today’s hip-hop culture for a late night audience.

People don’t understand how Cutting Edge Jimmy Fallon’s show is right now. Between The Roots being the in house band and his History of Rap segments he’s the hands down best representation of the culture in a late night setting. Arsenio’s show should have taken pages out of that book. If he wanted Nostalgia, Keep the Dog Pound, keep the catchphrase “Let’s Get Busy”, realize the “This Moment in Black History” bits are extremely played out and that the Black and White divide isn’t as real as it was 20 years ago. Thank Eminem, Tiger Woods and the surge of Animal and Gay Rights organizations for that.

I wanted to be apart of the new Arsenio Hall Show, so please don’t take this as a slanderous, pick apart hate-fest. I honestly felt I could have helped from a writer and entertainment aspect. I’m old enough to remember when the Ultimate Warrior, Pac and Eddie Murphy were on there yet I’m young enough to know that bad jokes about Kanye, Bieber and other top notch A-List celebrities will do nothing to increase your actual watching audience. Arsenio was a staple in Hip-Hop culture in its conception and the team they gave him to revamp this time around was weak as hell!

The bright side to this? Arsenio can hit the internet, put himself in a serious demand and get a real litmus test of what works and what doesn’t before he makes a TV return if he chooses to do so. The game has changed and he needs a group of people around him that not only understands that but has his best interest.

No! He doesn’t have to be thugged out and have twerking and these reality show bustdowns and train wrecks on every show. He does however need to recapture exactly what made the show so special and just refresh it.

For all the Pro Black Fight the Power people out there: The New Arsenio Hall show was not canceled because he’s black. It was canceled because it just wasn’t good. It was too many awkward, unfunny, poorly written, fluff interview moments. Period. You don’t understand that, then you didn’t see more than 1 episode.

Shout to everybody that didn’t even realize it was back on but you hollering injustice…You make the world a better place #Sarcasm

Arsenio! I really hope you read this! I want to be on your team! Let’s make history again! If you’re done for good…Then mentor me on this game as I attempt to make Behind The Rhyme into a TV Show that was inspired by Rap City and The Original Arsenio Hall Show. Much respect to you sir. Best of Blessings to you moving forward.

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