Reasons To Not Do Business With Cats In This Industry [OPINION]

The following points and explanations are my own. I speak for me and I created This is my platform to speak my truth from my experience.

I make strides everyday, week, and year to strengthen my brand and really make an impact. In this game, I encounter so many people who are seemingly always out to “network” “collaborate” and “see each other at the top” however, the actions don’t match the words. Here are a list of my pet peeves, soul irritations and just plain leave my life instances that will stop me from doing business with anyone.

Don’t Oversell and Under Deliver –  No matter if it’s an artist or a “behind the scenes person” one problem that is seemingly glaring amongst the hip-hop audience is overselling and under delivering. Too many cats would rather sound plugged but not produce. My favorite expression is you’d rather look popping than be popping. That just makes no sense to me.

Stand on Your Word –  Whether you are saying you’re going to deliver music, be at a venue or come through…DO IT! I know things happen because life is truly unpredictable. However, some people are spin masters. They even take the route of asking you something only to not do it or avoid you. I can’t speak for everyone in the industry but,  just he ME specifically with a No or a Something came up. I can handle it. The flip side to this that people don’t understand is when you don’t stand on your word, you ultimately waste peoples time. I hate when my time and life is wasted.

Follow Directions –  This seems so hard for artist to do. Whether its “send me a clean version” or ” be here at 5:30pm” there is always a reason why thing go awry. When you on the come up, you don’t make the rules and set the standards, you follow them. When you sell your millions and your name and brand generates money and attention beyond compare then you can ATTEMPT to call your own shots. Don’t let a simple thing like basic follow through and comprehension end your career before it starts.

Alright that’s enough for that for today. Let’s get back to keeping it hip-hop.


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