Tired of Hearing From “Rappers” Who “Really Do It”


One of the most ignorant and annoying things from any aspiring artist is…
“But we really out here doing what we say”…Ok..So do you want a handclap or handcuffs for this?

Before I really go in. This is NOT an attack on “Street Music” or “Gangsta Rap”. I like all form of rap music and can get into anything that sounds good and is well put together. So this isn’t a content thing, it’s an oversell thing.

Too often rappers want passes for their lack luster music and pathetic displays of lyricism under the act of “it’s my life”. GTFOH with that BS! Rap music is Hot or Not, period! If you suck it doesn’t matter how real or fake your image and story is. Lets simplify this. An ugly shirt is ugly no matter if you pay 10 dollars for it or 1,000 dollars for it. Saying “you really do it” is the equivalent of you saying “My shirt might be ugly…but it’s Versace though!” Good for you and your ugly expensive shirt.

The other dumb aspect of this is, any artist with a real career and a real path to success is not concerned about who really believes what they have done, just did or will do. If you have the urge to constantly remind us how “You really do it” it’s more of a confirmation that you haven’t done much and you are afraid that we will forget the one time you went Super Gangster without warning.

Lets not forget that mixtapes and albums and features and projects of any sort are being used in a court of law now. What that means is the judicial system is literally capitalizing off of the ignorance of artist willing to dry snitch on themselves in an effort to “Keep It Real”. This is why I don’t scream Free Anybody.

1. Because I don’t applaud ignorance

2. If you dumb enough to do a crime and tell on yourself in song. You deserve whatever you get.

3. I doubt who ever you want Freed is a political prisoner or a victim that is wrongfully accused.

You often hear that the rappers glorifying the street life and everything in it do so because they never really lived it or they haven’t lived it long enough to be affected by it. There are exceptions to every rule so I’ll leave that one up for you to discuss.

You know over time who’s been deemed one of the truest  “Bout That Life” artist in Hip-Hop? MC Hammer. Now ask yourself what was Hammer rapping about.

In the end, remember hip-hop was created in the streets to keep the youth away from the street life by doing something creative and positive. It appears that this aspect of the game has been lost due to an overwhelming amount of youngsters who want to prove they are the hardest being God put on earth. Your lifespan nor your bank account will survive with that doctrine in place.

So please….Shut Up. The majority of the hip-hop community doesn’t really care. You are doing hip-hop culture and rap music a disservice.

Scarface was a movie and he died. You know who else died in the movies y’all try to live by and reenact? Bishop, Kane, and Doughboy…I can tell you there is not many Ole Dog’s 30 plus in real life because I know some GOOF would try to comment about how he didn’t die in Menace.


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