Warren G “Regulate…G Funk Era” 20 Years Later

Warren G Album Cover

June 7th 1994 was the date of one of the biggest albums to come out of the West Coast to not only make a statement but, to solidify that the sound of rap music was evolving. That album was “Regulate…G Funk Era” by Warren G.

In 1994, it wasn’t clear how monumental this album would be and exactly what it would mean to hip-hop at the time. Warren G, a rapper/producer originally in a rap group with then Snoop Doggy Dogg who in 1994 was undoubtedly the biggest rapper in the game and Nate Dogg [Rest In Peace] who brought a whole new lane into hip-hop music that hadn’t quite been done his way before. Warren G the little brother of Super Producer Dr. Dre and the true leader of the “G Funk Sound”.

Warren G has one of the biggest rap records EVER with Regulators featuring Nate Dogg. It was originally on the Above The Rim soundtrack and although the record was big during it’s time, still to this day when that melody drops club goers go WILD and not just in the old head spots. You have kids rocking to this song now in 2014 who were 1-3 years old when the song first came out. That’s when you know you have a hip-hop classic.

Another major thing in the Career of Warren G. He was one of if not timeline wise the very first West Coast artist that ever signed to Def Jam Records, an East Coast based label. Remember, this is the 90’s. If you were from the West or the South you most likely were on Priority, Rap-A-Lot or of course Death Row. Although you can credit Warren G for the careers of Snoop and Nate Dogg by simply introducing them to Dre, it didn’t materialize into a label situation for him with Death Row. That flies under the radar because he still achieved success on his own with just the affiliation. Warren admitted being hurt by not being apart of the label but, also attributes that situation as fuel to his great success.

Regulators was hands down Warren’s Biggest hit ever but, the releasing of This D.J and Do You See help his debut album go Triple Platinum making him one of the biggest artist of 1994.

Warren G developed a different sound of West Coast hip-hop during the time when Snoop was the biggest rap star in the world, before Pac dropped Me Against The World and during the time Dr. Dre spawned a whole new career and sound in his own right [N.W.A sound to The Chronic sound]. Add that to him prospering after Nas debut album drops and Puff Daddy prepping Biggie’s Ready To Die album, based off the steam Juicy was getting and it’s very clear that Warren G is worthy of your respect.

His style of sampling, melodies, composition and structure is still very prominent in today’s game. He’s another one of the first Producer/Rappers to put together their entire album and be wildly successful doing so.

Salute to Warren G. One of the most successful innovators of hip-hop music.

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