Why I Now Consider Big Daddy Kane The Number 1 Emcee of The 80’s

NEW BARS from Big Daddy Kane

This past weekend, I got the privilege to see one of hip-hop’s pioneers and premier lyricist perform. That person’s name is Big Daddy Kane.

I don’t think this generation or even my generation gets how dope, groundbreaking and ahead of the curve Big Daddy Kane was. We focus so much on Jay, Pac, Big, Nas and Rakim that for one reason or another he just gets off of peoples radar. Well let me be the first to say, I’m going to do my part to make sure that stops happening.

As I watched Kane performed, I sat and thought, “Do people truly realize how current his 80’s flow is?” His level of word play, delivery and lyricism is still a threat in today’s game.

In the 80’s, Big Daddy Kane was a young cat with bars who dressed fly, had chicks and made great records. Today, you don’t find many artist who feel they can accomplish all of these things at the same time. Kane’s era there was no Hip-Hop, Trap Rap, Swag Rap and all these other B.S categories that some people [who I don’t even consider supporters of the culture] dice rappers into. It was Hot or Not and he in my eyes, was the hottest!

A few years back I referred to Notorious B.I.G as the #1 Emcee of The 90’s.

My new proclamation is Big Daddy Kane is the #1 Emcee of the 80’s. He embodies the total package of hip-hop as an undeniable force and is in every aspect a great timeless lyricist. After what I seen with my own eyes, there is no way Big Daddy Kane can be left out of the Top 5 of emcees if hip-hop were to end right now. More than likely, whatever rapper you like, he fathered them in some way, shape or form. If he hasn’t influenced your favorite rapper, then your favorite rapper just isn’t that good. No Disrespect.

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