@BehindTheRhyme Is 2 Years Old Today!

BTR Backdrop Final

On June 24th 2012, I purchased a domain and officially launched and made my first promo post off of sheer vision. I didn’t think hip-hop was being represented right content wise and I wanted to change it. Instead of writing a letter or going on social media rants about WSHH, MTO and Bossip, I chose to be a catalyst of the change I sought after. That vision was behindtherhyme.com

I’ve come along way from those videos, which I find to be super unentertaining now and even my pen game has increase. The first 6 months we didn’t even do 1,000 page views for the entire site. Now, with increase post, stronger written content and people finally “Getting it” we are well in those thousands for page views and we got some BIG alliances coming up. I don’t want to get too much into that but just know the brand that is BehindTheRhyme.com will be even more visible as this year goes on.

Shout to Pusha T, Skyzoo, Doughboyz Cashout, Tech N9ne, and Common. These are artist that I’ve had a chance to sit and talk with to increase this brand from the ground floor. They granted me opportunities for real conversation about hip-hop and I hop I offered them a great change from the the Beef, Beats and Bullsh*t that they are accustomed to being asked.

Thanks to JN1 who help me shoot all those videos when I first started. Thanks to J.R Bang for hitting me with a slot on windycityunderground.com when I had maybe 10 post total on the entire site if not less.

It’s so many Day 1 True Supporters that I don’t want to leave anyone out by trying to shout you out. So THANK YOU! Thank you for watching this thing grow, checking out this content and your shares, likes, comments or just messages to say “I see what you doing, that’s tight fam.” I greatly appreciate it.

What’s next? Merchandise and Monetizing! It’s time to really compete. Not only does the culture needs this, I can see they WANT THIS. So with that said…Give them what they want!


Once again. A sincere THANK YOU TO ALL OF BTR’S SUPPORTERS! We are still Hip-Hop’s 60 Minutes and it’s going to stay that way.
And as I say almost all the time Be Safe, Be Humble, Live Hip-Hop! We Out!
But We Ain’t Going Nowhere!

It’s no longer Coming Soon…It’s Here!

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