Rap N’ Wrestling: The Rapmaster P.N. News

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Before John Cena, there was another wrestler who made his mark along with his rhymes in the ring. He was straight out of Motown [Detroit, Michigan]. He was The Rapmaster P.N News in WCW.

Off top I thought News was Prince Markie Dee’s Brother. For the younger fans Prince Markie Dee was the “Light-skin Dude from The Fatboys”. [Dee is actually Hispanic but, that really wasn’t acknowledged in his career]. I thought P.N. News was Prince Markie Dee’s brother because he was fat, light-skin, wore a big gold-chain and basically had the same flow. Be easy on me, I was a child and this comparison isn’t that far off


Now that we seen that picture let’s just be real. P.N News was Ted Turners attempt at capturing a hip-hop audience. More specifically capturing a black audience. I’ll give him props though. While Vince McMahon had blacks singing carrying birds and wearing dog leashes, Ted Turner was representing the essence of what would soon become the most popular culture of present day.

I liked P.N News. He was cool because he was really like watching an episode of Yo! MTV Raps or Rap City. He didn’t have crazy bars and you can definitely tell he was freestyling but it was entertaining and not a coonish depiction of black people before a fight. He hit you with a quick 4 bars and a YO BABY YO BABY YO! Then got down to business. His finisher was “The Record Breaker” and what was dope about it was soon as he climb the ropes, they’d queued up his music because after 400 pounds falls on you from the top rope, it was a WRAP!

Side note: One of the greatest moments in hip-hop/wrestling history was Clash of The Champions when P.N News came out with Salt N Pepa and they had them little shorts on and looked good then-a-mug! I so wanted to find a clip of that to share with y’all…but I know for sure it’s on the WWE Network!

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Salute to The Rapmaster P.N News! One of the Pioneers of this “Rap N’ Wrestling” ish!

When the shoulders hit the mat
Only people left standing
Is my Posse and me

Bet you don’t have 16 for this…

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