A Cool Conversation with CamQuotes and T.I #CCWCQ


Very rarely do you get a chance to talk with one of your favorite artist and entertainers. I can tell you that as soon as the station made the announcement that T.I was stopping through Indianapolis, I was on the hunt to lock down an interview with the King.

I didn’t get much time but, what I can tell you is T.I’s new album titled “Paperwork” is due to release September 2014 and is supposed to be album one of a 3 part series. It’s Executive Produced by Pharrell and T.I says that “It is the first T.I style album since Paper Trail”.

Although a new album is in the works I wanted to ask some questions that I never heard asked before. I wanted to know what he would do if his boy was approaching something mediocre. I wanted to know what is one posse cut or remix that he wish he was on. I wanted to ask him about the situation that lead to one of my favorite lines on the Trap Muzik album. What were the answers? Well…Check out the video below.

PERSONAL ASSESSMENT:¬† Part of me really didn’t want to post this interview. At the time it wrapped I thought, this is terrible! I can’t even use this. After a playback I thought, well it wasn’t as bad as I felt. This was a valuable learning experience.

I understand him not wanting to answer the lyric question. I didn’t clarify that I didn’t need names, I just wanted the situation. However, I do think he knows exactly what his 3 favorite project are from his catalog. I was hoping I got the T.I I saw on the Troubleman Promo run. The guy that was high energy, taking on any question and quick to let people know he’s been off probation. I will say I don’t think it’s personal at all. Check out his Breakfast Club interview and others from this year and tell me what you think.

Maybe he was expecting a Tiny/Mayweather question. She was also in the room but in all honesty, I don’t care about that. That type of content is not what BehindTheRhyme.com is about. I even seen the Floyd video after my interview and said “Oh! Maybe he was expecting me to go there”. T.I’s weathered a lot of storms and it appears he’s waiting on the current one to pass.

All in all, I’m my own worst critic and I appreciate everyone that has reached out to tell me that I’m tripping because this is a good interview. Thank You All!

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