Why I Respect Trinidad James


As soon as the clock struck 12 on August 2, 2014 Trinidad Jame$ sent out that tweet. That tweet lead to a mix bag of reactions. Some people too happy, some people too mad. Off top, wishing the demise of another human being is corny. You can not support something but, you don’t have to publicly bash it either. That type of energy especially in hip-hop is never needed. As I sat and read the tweet and retweeted it and made it a favorite. One thing that came to my mind and still stands is: “I Respect Trinidad James”.

Trinidad Jame$ did not ask to be in the music industry. He didn’t have the tale of “grinding forever” and “needing music to keep him off the streets”. Music was just something he wanted to do, he found a way to do it and people responded. The hip-hop community made Trinidad Jame$ a household name whether they want to admit it or not. You can scream machine and illuminati all you want…and if that were true, Trinidad James would be tweeting out his album release date and how he feel he’s going to do 50 Cent/Eminem Numbers. He isn’t going to do that though. Def Jam bailed on James and it is what it is.

I respect Trinidad Jame$ because after being compared to Jerome from Martin, after making the NY comments and seemingly being shunned from the entire city and after being dropped from the Original House of hip-hop known as Def Jam, He’s STILL going to drop his album. I respect that because it proves a lot of his “haters” wrong. He’s not in it for the money. He’s not here to be a coon or character and disrespect hip-hop. He’s really going to go forth with his music that he believes in whether a mainstream audience hears it and supports it or not. He’s moving forward with a a major label or not. As a human being with passion about anything, you got to respect that.

Another reason why James has my respect. He has yet to tell one lie about himself. He didn’t sell you on how tough he was, how long he been rapping or any other overly materialistic or misogynistic way. In fact, a lot of you were upset that the first 10 tracks he put together essentially made him a star. A lot of you were upset because you wouldn’t dare, dress, look or talk like that and you couldn’t explain why it worked for him. Trinidad Jame$ proves with the right energy and effort anything can happen for you. He also proves that a lot of you aren’t grinding as hard or as smart as you say you are. James is from Atlanta! So you can’t even say “he got on cause ain’t nobody on from where he from”. Just admit the kid worked to make himself a notable figure in music but, you don’t like it. It’s okay. You dude off Belly with the banana but, it’s ok.

Respect To Tyrin Turner
Respect To Tyrin Turner

Don’t Be S.A.F.E wasn’t dope. Let’s just be honest. The first time I heard it was after All Gold Everything popped and he was becoming a person to know for the year 2012. I found it very hard to listen to from a lyrical stand point, there was barely any rapping on it and the only positive I had was “He picks out good beats for himself” and “at least the project gets easier to listen to as it comes to close”. However, Def Jam felt they could do something with it. They put some of your favorite rappers on the remix, repackage that project with that remix and SOLD IT TO THE MASSES the top of 2013 when the exact same project was on Datpiff.com for free. So yes, a lot of you literally bought in to Trinidad Jame$ cause Def Jam said so.

Trinidad Jame$ had a hit record, got a deal from Def Jam, got to collaborate with some of our favorite emcees, got to be on remixes, did a feature run, made the 2013 Freshmen List and got to hop on a major tour as well as do his own tour as a headliner. All within 2 calendar years. TRINIDAD JAME$ WON! No matter how you slice it James wins. Shoot, I want that 2 years because it’s irreplaceable.

Something tells me Trinidad James will be unaffected by being dropped from Def Jam. Don’t Be S.A.F.E wasn’t a chart topping success. 10Pc Mild didn’t produce another runaway hit and from a music and creative standpoint is actually better than the project that made him famous and both of them were for free. So this new album will drop and it’s no pressure. I’m more interested in seeing who wants verses or production removed, since they know that Def Jam check isn’t clearing and it’s no points to be made off the album. Trinidad is definitely about to find out how many industry friends he doesn’t have when he puts this out.

QUESTION: How many cats you know get dropped from a label but still want to move forward and put out a project? Before you answer, think about how many artist who’s albums you are still anticipating.

Once again, You got to respect Trinidad Jame$. He’s doing music for him whether you like it or not. So keep trying to make music to impress others and get labels and radios attention and let me know how that works for you. Understand his story is a good learning tool for today’s artist.

Trinidad Jame$ to Chicago’s @JRBang “Believe in yourself, don’t believe in  fame cause fame is the devil”

Dream, Believe, Turn Up – Trinidad Jame$

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