A Cool Conversation with CamQuotes and Ty Dolla Sign! #CCWCQ

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Hands down no question Ty Dolla Sign is my favorite artist of 2014, so this interview was definitely on my bucket list as a fan is for no other reason. It’s very rare that you get a chance to meet and artist that is just as sincere as their music. Ty Dolla Sign is definitely one of those people. From the moment I walked on to his tour bus, the running theme of the night was “My life is real” and “you just have to be there”.

Ty Dolla Sign is truly who his music says he is. It was a pleasure to meet someone who was very candid, honest, chill yet full of life. I became a die hard fan after listening to Beach House 2 but this conversation may have made me a supporter until the day he decides to hang up the mic for good.

What can you do if you don’t like Ty Dolla Sign? What the worst game one of “These Hoes” played? Is he having more threesomes? The answers all lie in the latest Cool Conversation with CamQuotes!

Ty Dolla Sign, is the FAWKING MAN, In REAL! LIFE!

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